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  1. This is still a issue. Can someone report it please?
  2. Hello guys, I'm curious if any of you have idea how the virtual trainer works in this Kursant campaign. I like it very much and I would like to create something similar for myself for the Hornet. I bought that campaign and flew it and even try check what's inside the missions but no success. E.g. The aircraft at the mission editor had no WP, there are no trigger zones or triggers in the mission editor it's obviously out of my skill set. But I'm curious anyway
  3. Hey I started a campaign too, and it looks amazing. The documentation is also excellent. However I cannot score 100 points. It's always 80. I managed to get just one warning for the the formation on the route back. It's the formation what gives you the score point? And I have one more strange issue. Saint do not fight with me. After separation I fly to west (as it was fragged), Tapes on, Turning hot, his aircraft disappears and the is another one which is not fighting at all. I fire my both of my sidewinders (space bar) and SIM guns too. I get "knock it off" and fly to south heading (as it w
  4. So I managed the last mission as well the A/G radar is able to track in GMTmode and follow this infomation to the TGP. You just have to be aware, when you lost track (radar limitations). I worst case you have to maunualy lasing for the last few seconds. Thank you @Badger633 That was a great campaign
  5. I play latest OB. As you can see in the second video, the litening pod works more like an ATFLIR. It came with latest OB. Here I attached my Tacview file I will give it to another try today. I would like to know how the TGP and the A/G radar track cooperates Tacview-20210520-215610-DCS-Mission 10 Camp 2 SC.zip.acmi
  6. Hello guys, could you please check my attempts to track a moving target? There are two attempts. One is before and one after the last update. I just cannot lock it. I playing with the contrast / brightness. I think the target is pretty visible. I was able to lock them for a very short period, but then the TGP lost the lock (I was not tweak the TDC depress). BTW I have no issue during the day operations. Here is the video. There are bookmarks in the timeline. Cheers.
  7. Yes I flew full afterburner...As I wrote I managed it behind Kutaisi (8+nm). Next time I try to drop the ordnance as well. BTW I checked the Tacview, and the Hawk shooted just one rocket. Whish me more luck for the next time BTW Here is my attempts to track the target. Am I doing it in the right way or it's really just a bug? There are bookmark at the timeline.
  8. Today I flew that last mission 5th time. The Litening pod still do not track but I managed to kill the snake by manual slew and manual lasing....but on the way home I was shoot down by the Migs 8,7 miles behind Kutaisi... This campaign want me to keep playing it so ... let's see how it will work in two weeks for the 6th time
  9. My First campaign for the Hornet and I love it. I flew the version with the SC. I'm almost done, just cannot lock the moving target at the last mission (current Hornet bug I guess). Anyway, I would like to ask about the wind conditions. Are those intended - @2000m 17m/s and @8000m 17m/s?? eg. In mission 6 “A BLOODY NIGHTCAP” at the CASE III holding I had 308GS when I flew from the mom and 248 when I flew towards to the mom. It caused me a bit troubles to calculate when to turn back to be in time. Maybe less experience players fight with this a bit. Yeah and BTW I almost crashed during K
  10. This topic is still marked at "Investigating". Any updates?
  11. Hi, I would like to report a possible bug about TGP and the HMD miscommunication when I try to designate target. What I try to do: I would like to pick roughly the area of interest via HMD. Then I try to find my target and designate it via TGP. The basic setup: GBU—12 (auto mode, instant fuse), TGP Pod – On and displayed in the MFD, A/G-on, Master Arm – on, HMD on. Normal work: 1) SCS (Sensor control switch) – FWR 2) Pick a close target via the HMD (less than 5 miles) – TDC Depress. The diamond appears in the HMD. The targeting pod should also loo
  12. Yes, I meant this behaviour. Thank you very much for explanation. I apology for unnecessary topic. Next time I will double check the manual.
  13. Ok...So... 1) SOI is switched to TGP MFD and the VVSLV option is picked. I push the TDC depress... the diamond in the HUD show up where the velocity vector is pointing (Expected Behaviour) 2) SOI is switched to the HUD ... HMD is on ...Turning my head to the side....I have the piper...I push the TDC depress... the diamond in the HMD show up where I pointed the piper (Expected Behaviour) 3) SOI is switched to the HUD....I dive my nose to -10°...I push the TDC depress... the diamond in the HUD show up where the velocity vector is pointing (Expected Behaviour)
  14. Hi altogether. I cannot mark properly any target for TGP via HUD. If the velocity vector position is higher than -7° < interval -7° to 0°> the target diamond show up at approx. -7° position. If I put the nose below -7° < eg -10°> the marking is fine. The targeting via HMD works also works fine. TGP_HUD_BUG.trk
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