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  1. I appreciate it. 1X works. But what did you change? I looked into the adv waypoint settings and everything looks the same?
  2. It doesn't work in the new mission either
  3. I used to say it was impossible until I replaced my throttle. You CAN NOT do it with a HOTAS X. Thanks for your help.
  4. Can someone take a look at this refueling training mission i set up and see why I can't pick up the Tanker's TACAN or see the tanker on radar at all? Thanks F-18C Training - Refueling.miz
  5. Trim a hornet for AAR? How? In all the video tutorials for AAR I've watched, I've never seen any of them mention trimming.
  6. i will try that if it happens again, thanks
  7. No supercarrier. You need supercarrier just to get carrier comms? I'm also not using Easy Comms.
  8. I just flew a custom mission where I bombed targets using laser mavs and the FLIR. After firing off the second laser mav, the HSI got stuck on waypoint designate and I nothing I did would take it off. I also had an issue with the carrier (non-Supercarrier Stennis) ATC talking to me like a regular airfield. What's up with that? I have a track, but it's 1MB too big to upload. Any ideas?
  9. I can not program the elevation in when I'm in PP mode. I can enter the coordinates just fine, but it rejects whatever number I enter for elevation. Attached is the track. F-18C SLAM can't add elevation.trk
  10. quite a few, but yeah, it's just venting. I've spent numerous hours here.
  11. If the US Government actually paid real money for that thing, they need to get their money back. That is all.... :mad:
  12. Well, the track file is too big to upload. I'll try to duplicate the issue later. Could this have something to do with INS alignment at start up?
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