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  1. No, I could not reproduce it. My guess is a MS Win10 update or something - it gave me other problems with my GPU. Thanks for trying.
  2. For RTB go high, as others have said. I try to climb as fast as possible, as high as possible on RTB, until I slow to about 300kts IAS. Once you're about 30nm from base, ideally A30+ I nose over to point the nose at the base, and pull the throttle back to idle or zero. You still make good speed and use very little fuel. And on takeoff, try to avoid AB until you're above ~15k ft.
  3. F-16 Cockpit: FIrst, I'm no graphic designer, but I can work Photoshop pretty well. Second, my system is the slowest of any, around 12fps on MP (GS) - it's an older Dell e6430 laptop, running 1280x768 w/1GB VRAM. So, I'm trying to figure out how to make the F-16 cockpit fps faster. I see others have done it with FC3 planes. I got the DDS add on for Photoshop. As @LucShep poinits out, many of the DDS files are 2k x 2k and some for the F-16 are 4k x 4k. Using Photoshop's batch processing I did the following on the F-16 Cockpit Textures ZIP files (after many trial and errors
  4. My main problem with SPro3 is poor MP support, once over about 8 players it crashes trying to connect to MP.
  5. @dorianR666 if I understand your question, yes all target tracks (white dots) become system tracks (with correct radar elevation/azimuth) to solid red triangles.
  6. Sorry for the late resonse. It was on Growling Sidewinders, so auto started at spawn in. I started weapons/fuel loading already. Then I go left to right around the cockpit: Confirm nav lights OFF, TACAN volume to zero, EWS Volume to 50%, Comm1 volume to zero, Comm2 volume to 50%, then EWR power ON - and crash.
  7. F-16 in GS MP, happend 3 times in a row. Did simple "repair DCS" after second crash. After first crash (turning EWR power ON in mid air), then after restart in MP no EWR display or tones (yes volume was up).3rd crash was turning EWR ON on the ground after arming (after being short down, because no EWR display or sound). log file attached, RAR log file too big 6.7MB. dcs.log
  8. If youi go to F6 Missle View after firing a HARM, view from behind, once the missle is close to the radar source, you will see often anti-missle "flak" coming up from SAM or emitter sites.
  9. Just a low, low, low end data point. 2.7 caused MP fps drop from 17fps to 11fps from 2.5.6. 1280x768 everything LOW/OFF. (YES, I know it sucks and yes it's not as much fun to play. And yes, I'm ready to order a real PC (3700x , RTX3060).)
  10. And after firiring over 100 AGM-88 in MP, it has terrible terminal kill ratio/anti-AGM statistics. I was RedFor only 10nm at 400'AGL from an emitting HK site, locked, fired 2 AGM-88s(repeated lock sequence quickly) and both were defeated by counter measures at the HK site. (Growling Sidewinders server) This happens EVERY time with Patriot CMs, but that makes more sense since the AGM88 is going slower, due to being fired from further away(40nm ish). Maybe SAM site countermeasures are over modelled?
  11. When using POS mode in F-16b50 with HARM, at M1.2+, at angels 45+, it won't let you fire until 36nm from target. So it's impossible to hit a SAM site that has a 50nm SAM range....
  12. 1-In the F-16 bl50 Sim, with active Link16 data, TWS mode and radar ON, first target lock using TMS UP, I cannot switch to next enemy target wtih TMS RIGHT. This is with all solid red diamonds being displayed on FCR MFD. TMS Up works fine to lock targets with cursor, and to even switch to STT. But TMS RIGHT will not move to the next sold red target. Now, if TMS Right is used for an initial lock, then TMS right DOES cycle all solid red targets. 2-Also, with IFF, why are friendlies locked if using TMS right (i.e. a green IFF friendly is in radar scan zone, but closer than an enem
  13. You can target most carriers, blue (40x codes) or red. But good luck getting close enough to one of the BlueFor. When flying close to the coast, I'll setup ground based SAM on Table 1 and ship based SAM on Table 2. TIP: turn off not needed scan codes to make the sweep much faster. i.e. if I know only BLueFOr HK and P are present, I turn the other 3 off. CTR instead of WIDE also makes the scan much faster, as others have stated.
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