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  1. my previous figures was good, just a issue with the file format. Thanks for the help
  2. awesome, I finally get the rights infos Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm coming to you as I can"t make it work as I would like... here is my config Monitor 1 is a 50 inches res: 3840x2160 Monitor 2 is a 17 inches res: 1680x1050 Monitor 3 is a 24 inches res: 1920x1200 My wish is to use monitor 1 as the main screen for DCS use monitor 2 to show MFD for F16, F18 and Av8b Monitor 3 is planed to show Web browser, Discord or briefing ... I tried to make a lua with some infos found on the web but nothing work as expected and now even the lua didn't show up in the menu here is th
  4. fully agree with above
  5. hi, nice post, so after, how could I have all my green lights back for other game??
  6. same here with Seven 64bits and a fresh instal of BS 1.0 (Eng] DL from The Fighter Collection..... installing 1.01b cause the same error find a solution!!!!!! i paid for that!!!
  7. il y a un hotfix pour passer de la 1.01a à la 1.01b et un patch complet pour passer de la version 1.0 à la 1.01b ;)
  8. rgr man i stay tunned ;)
  9. some informations about this stick????? price? a date for buy it?
  10. ED probably do the max for us. so it could be cool to have a valide mail box for doing a manual activation if it was possible :) best regards fuchs
  11. verry nice work!!! we are waiting for the final release!!!
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