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  1. Playing as Red (on Caucasus North) i noticed that AI SU-33 tries to take off from carrier even with AI parking start disabled. And they fail at that miserably and crash at sea (i don't use supercarrier module). I also noticed that with AI parking start enabled all planes (Red and Blue) try to takeoff immediately without delay that is set in mission planner.
  2. Great stuff, thank you for all the updates:thumbup:
  3. Open command prompt and run exe from it. This will allow you to see error report in dos prompt window. Most likely it reports wrong path to DCS install.
  4. Deleting folders associated with those modules worked.
  5. They are not shown on properties DLC page, i see only modules i own.
  6. I have the same issue but there is no module manager on Steam, any tips?
  7. Does it show CMD window briefly after starting? If it does run the exe from command prompt and look at error reported.
  8. Yes, sun brightness is too high in latest version, like a nuke has gone off few miles away.
  9. Same here, also it looks like overall (sun) brightness is way too high. Reducing gamma helps a bit but then shadows look unnaturally dark.
  10. Few small issues: -we captured Lar Airbase as Blue on Iran PG map but log said that enemy took control over the base. Other than that it was ok, on map we had control over the base. -program doesn't exit gracefully after a mission or two is played. Just stops responding, i'm on W7. -Ka-50 wingman skill is always average, regardless of setting
  11. I think i found bug on new Caucasus map. Playing as Red i noticed that most of the scheduled flights are not generated. After checking in mission editor it looks like both blue and red flights have their airport ownership trigger condition inverted. I then re-inverted conditions manually and flights started to spawn on schedule as expected. EDIT: Tried playing same scenario as Blue and it works as intended. I also had really good performance in VR with limited amount of flights generated so you might consider this as easy way to tweak user performance by having configurable limiter for
  12. Thank you for excellent update, new Caucasus map is great, plenty of spacing. I tested it a bit in VR and performance seems ok (i don't expect miracles here). Big Caucasus map also seems to have better performance but there is still periodic stutter every few seconds (this might be due to my not so great CPU). Inclusion of BLUFOR modern faction is highly appreciated:). I'd like to buy you a beer or two for your hard work, maybe give us a link where we can do that.
  13. Hi Khopa, i played your build for some time now and i must say that i'm quite impressed by the changes over original build. I do have few observations/suggestions however that would IMHO make it even better: - ability to add new factions and change existing factions and assign liveries would be welcome. For instance i'd like to use Ka-50 vs insurgents but it is not possible right now. No need for UI just a plain easily accessible text file. - there is way too much activity over a small area, if we could change it via multiplier to suit our preference/hardware that would be ideal.
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