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  1. "DXGUI_WIN_ADAPTER: ChangeDisplaySettings failed! Result is -1" is the most probable source of the issue also in my mind. IMO there must be some kind of bug in 2.7 that does not effect everyone. I would still bet my money on some kind of resolution related problem...
  2. It's basically already set this way except of anisotropic filtering. Anyway I created a profile and set AF to "application controlled (Anwendungseinstellungen verwenden)" - no improvement:
  3. These are the settings I generally use (not game specific). Hope its ok in german:
  4. I also tried that before with no success. I tried again now, also no improvement.
  5. No, no change in performance noticeable.
  6. Really sure? I tested 1280x768 in graphics settings (the 2nd options DCS offers). I expected a performance gain. - DCS 2.7 = same performance as with 1600x900 - DCS 2.5.6 = about 30% higher fps as with 1600x900
  7. VSync OFF = no change in performance Fullscreen OFF = even worse performance, since GPU utilization drops from 99% to 85%
  8. I disable both compatibility settings and tried, unfortunately no performance increase. I also reduced preload radius from 55000 to 40000, also no noticeable effect. I'm only running opentrack. Afaik opentrack can use either trackir and freetrack as communication protocol since it has no own. I chose trackir as protocol, that's why opentrack is running trackir.exe in addition to opentrack.exe. Anyway I closed trackir.exe - also no effect on performance. May it be possible that 1600x900 as native resolution is not supported by 2.7 and therefore will be calculated down from a hi
  9. Thank you for your answer. Ok, lets go through it: DXGUI_WIN_ADAPTER: ChangeDisplaySettings failed! Result is -1 This error message is not present in DCS stable 2.5.6 log (see log file attached)! Do you think this might be the problem? 1600x900 is the native resolution of my display. 1. The pagefile is already located to D:\. I already did this when building the SSD in. The actual installation is: D:\ (SSD) = DCS stable, DCS openbeta, Saved Games folder, pagefile, OpenTrack C:\ (HDD) = OS Windows 10, rest of the programs wmic pagefile li
  10. No I haven't. But I only opened OB once after each update just to see if the performance improved.
  11. The crash definitely happened after update to 2.7! I completely uninstalled OB on April 29th, renamed DCS stable folder (in order to prevent files being copied from there) and fresh installed OB 2.7. The crash happened on May 24th.
  12. As requested I opened a new thread here: Thank you.
  13. As requested here is the new thread with my performance issues: - after update to DCS 2.7 I recognise a fps drop of >30% compared to DCS 2.5.6 - complete clean reinstall done, game is at initial setup, no mods enabled, graphics are set at the same values as in 2.5.6 - several measures have been tried with no success: update GPU driver, Update Windows 10, update Direct X, disable clouds, ... Attached you can find the requested files + the last crash log (since DCS 2.7 is regularly crashing). If you need more information please let me know. Thank you. dcs.
  14. It's amazing how ED ignores their customers problems with their product!!! 2.7 is still unplayable for me as for many others. We are just left alone in the dust, not even a serious attempt to help us with the product we payed for! I followed this post from the beginning and tried every possible advice also from other sources, including complete reinstall. Nothing worked! Meanwhile I found a solution for me: IL-2!
  15. Update from my side. I tried everything I was able to find: - rolled back Windows K5001330 - updated to K5001330 with hotfix from Microsoft again - slow repaired DCS - deleted Saved games folder, cleaned misc shaders folder - clean reinstalled DCS openbeta (even with renaming DCS World folder, to avoid copying data from there) - rolled back AMD GPU driver - no Tacview installed - clouds set to low Nothing of this had noticeable impact on performance. Still 30-40% fps loss compared to 2.5.6 stable. Since I have a low end rig and my graphi
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