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  1. If you think the AA radar is functioning correctly, can you explain what pilots need to do differently now than just a few months ago to be effective in BVR? When I go up in a very basic, head to head, nose-hot BVR engagement with bandits that should have objectively worse AA radars than the Hornet, I am routinely failing to even see the bandit on my scope before I get an incoming launch warning on my RWR. I am 100% sure that my antenna is correctly elevated and looking right at the bandit. PRF is set to Intl. If others don't see an issue with the radar, that must mean I am making
  2. The bandit I was referencing in this particular post was an M2000. I get that maybe the Hornet's radar detection range has been reduced to a more realistic level, but in my recent experience it seems practically useless. I have now set up several different missions with the same general situation and almost every run, the bandit and I fly towards each other and all I have to work with is the RWR indicator of the enemy's search radar, then all of a sudden I get a launch warning without my radar even detecting anything there. With Tacview, I know for a fact that my radar is looking directly at t
  3. Came back to the game after a couple months off and I'm glad to see people talking about the F18 AA radar here because it does not work even close to as well as it used to work. I've set up several basic BVR missions where me and a bandit fly straight at each other from 100 miles out, co altitude, and a lot of the time I still cant even see him on my scope after he's already launched on me. PRF set to intl, 4 bar scan, 80 degree width... The bandit should 100% be showing up but its like every enemy is flying a stealth F22.
  4. Any video you see of an aircraft crashing into the ground, it always produces a huge fireball and a cloud of black smoke as all the fuel ignites. In DCS, the jet does explode but it doesn't look very realistic. Maybe a bit of a morbid topic, but I think there is room for more realism here.
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