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  1. I agree Horton, while I do enjoy the more modern aircraft, I would like to see a few more aircraft from WWll.
  2. I figure when it shows up in my downloads, it’s ready.
  3. I have noticed a degradation in the sound of the bomb pickle after the update, I can barely hear it. Also noticed the instructors voice sounds are now much lower. Seems to have started after the update.
  4. Yeah, I’m seeing more and more crashes since 2.7. Funny thing, never had a crash until 2.7. Seems to have gotten worse this last update.
  5. Yeah, still having problems in multiplayer. DCS is crashing quite a bit. I’ll look at it over the weekend. Starting become annoying.
  6. Scratch that. Ran a full repair and that took care of it.
  7. After this last update my TCN only shows channel 1 and will not accept any new channels. I get an error on the UFC and I don't see all the options on the UFC when you choose it, doesn't look the same. I'm troubleshooting, but the problem is in MP and SP. Any ideas?
  8. You checked all your axis binds to make sure nothing is double bound. Say rudder to throttle. Happens to me when I setup a new plane. Comes screwed up by default.
  9. Chute would a nice to have if you need to land in an emergency on a short runway.
  10. My speed brake deploys when I use zoom for the targeting pod. Since the last update. I’m going to check and see if anything changed today, but it’s weird for sure.
  11. Chuck's guide will help as well.
  12. I think the OH-58 will hit first. I’ve seen a couple videos with them flying it in DCS, but I could be wrong. Testing could still be behind.
  13. That’s helpful, I could never find the text chat. Been using SRS.
  14. Don’t know if this would work, but how about save a mission with the radio templates and nothing else. When you make a new mission use the template but copy and rename. That way your radio frequencies are there when you create a new mission.
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