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  1. +1 I'd like to be able to do that as well, at least for ships and ground units. This would really extend the mission editor capabilities. Some mission makers are using "explosions" triggers on startup to force damage on units, but this is a dirty workaround.
  2. Khopa

    Better Smoke V9

    Thanks for your feedback @Taz1004, this is really helpful We are not changing anything in the game files, but we are including some Lua script in our generated missions, so maybe they could be overriding the values defined in these lua files from the scripting context ? I'm going to dig. Thanks again @PapaFlo Yes, it's definitely on our side and not BetterSmoke fault.
  3. Khopa

    Better Smoke V9

    Hi @Taz1004, In the 8.1 changelog you mentionned fixing an issue with glowing vehicles. We are having the same issue in the DCS Liberation mod/tools, but we are unable to determine the root cause, especially since we do not change anything related to special effects. That would be awesome if you could explain what was the action required to fix this bug for Better Smoke ? Thanks, @PapaFlo Are you running a DCS Liberation mission ? This might actually be Liberation fault.
  4. +1 And same issue with Combined Forces Red. These two factions are made to be generic, yet we cannot select appropriate skins, only the default one is available. I think all skins should be available for these two factions to give more freedom in mission design.
  5. Hello, I've had trouble putting an AI F-14A-135-GR on Al-Minhad airbase (Persian Gulf map), in the small hangar. (Slot 05) But this might be happening at other places too. The F-14A-135-GR extends its wings immediately on engine startup in this slot even though there is not enough space : Then it attempt to taxi, and break its wing : If i put an AI F-14B in the same slots, it will work fine, the AI will only extends its wing before entering the runway. Please also find here a miz file to reproduce the issue : https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/files/5589382/f14
  6. Hello, First i want to say that i'm really enjoying the Syria map, it is great map that is adding a lot to DCS World ! :thumbup: However, I've been having some issues with the Khalkhalah airbase, so here is my report : Issue 1 : Map icon In the mission editor it has an icon fora "general aviation airfield" ​ Source : DCS World user manual (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/9ff/DCS_User_Manual_EN.pdf) This seems like an error ? Either in DCS manual or in the map ? This icon is used for other airfield on the map that looks more like helicopter
  7. Hey guys, Sorry i don't come here on the forums much. If you want a quick answer your best bet is the DCS liberation Discord, where the other community members can also help you. BTW, for anyone encountering issues with mission end, and state.json. - Double check your settings in File/Preferences are correct (Any time you update liberation, you have to re-do this config) - Please avoid installing Liberation in C:/Program Files directory or that kind of directory, it seems to cause issues with rights. If that doesn't solve your issue, please ask on the Discord server, we'll be abl
  8. The new release with Syria support is here ;) https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/2.1.0
  9. Thanks, sorry i forgot to mention that here, but RC9 save files are not compatible with 2.0.10. :( You will have to finish your campaign running the RC9 version or start a new one in 2.0.10 Happy to hear that and to see that you have resolved the issues. Have fun ! :thumbup:
  10. @Fisu_Mad I'm really sorry to hear you're experiencing such issues... :/ DCS Liberation will only modify a single file in your DCS installation directory, which is <dcs_installation_directory>/Scripts/MissionScripting.lua But I don't see how it could have broken your install in such a way... :( Did you mess with registry keys ?
  11. Hey, 2.0.10 is finally out ! https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/2.0.10 I did my best to test it, and I hope there will be no game-breaking bugs for you guys. If that is the case please let me know. So what you should expect from this release ? Bug fixes ! A-4EC and MB339 mod support (and factions for them) UI improvement (new UI theme brought by @Deus ) New maps backgrounds Faction are not restricted to bluefor or redfor only (You can now setup a Russia vs China scenario, or UK vs USA for instance) A JTAC is added on each frontline (for modern fa
  12. Hello guys, Do you mean that they are all starting up, taxying, and taking off at the beginning of the mission ? It should not happen, but I do have already seen this happening during testing when there were errors in the generated mission file. What was the scenario and the map, and did you got any error messages window in DCS when loading the mission ? Also, be aware, that from version RC8, by default all the aircraft will be spawned on a parking slot at the beginning of the mission. However, they should be in uncontrolled state, and will only start up and take off when they ar
  13. If you chose battle of Britain on the Channel map with WW2 factions, then it's normal. You won't have any valid SEAD target, since there are no units group with radars. And even though technically attacking the german flak sites could be considered a DEAD mission, you have to use the STRIKE mission generator instead. It can be a bit confusing. And on this map (Battle of Britain on The Channel map), there is no frontline with ground units, hence why the CAS mission generator list is empty as well. My bad, i don't have the P-47 so i couldn't launch the generated mission to test,
  14. Hello guys, The new pre-release is finally available here :smilewink: I have really been delaying it, cause play-testing takes so much time, and i always end up running into some issue that i want to fix before release. Once again, i have changed a lot of things in the campaign save structure, so this version is not compatible with the previous save files. (But you can still use the old version to finish your old campaigns.) This has only been tested on my PC, but hopefully there should not be any environment issues. Please report them if it happens so i can provide a hotfix. But
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