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  1. Yeah, I actually thought it was going to be a surprise and the Marianas Map would be released with yesterday's patch. Can't wait for this map!
  2. Will this curvature work and/or help for a Thrustmaster stick with a stronger spring... one very resistant to movement?
  3. Brilliant that the Wags video just released has Cyprus in it from the Syria map.
  4. I have been dabbling in the F-14 for the crew aspect... the F-15E is going to be a first day purchase for me... can't wait for this, especially ones with the 335th paint!!!
  5. This thread has made me decide to concentrate on the F-16, plus I'm moving my Thrustmaster Warthog from the center of my rig to a side stick... kinda mandatory once that's done. Not really I know, but kinda. LOL!
  6. Yeah, with my Warthog throttle I assigned the pinky switch to the parking brake, not sure if that's the most efficient or best use of it, but it works for me.
  7. I thought on one of the Combat Sim Podcast episodes, Razbam said they were considering it. I may be wrong, but I think it is a possibility.
  8. I think the AV-8B and the A-10 assisting would be awesome as well.
  9. Now that it looks like the Apache is going to be released, the Kiowa is going to be highly, highly prized! Hopefully #soon !
  10. This will be a very welcome update!
  11. Not sure what happened, but I jumped in today, made sure it was the A-10C 2, rebinded the pitch and roll and it worked. Thanks guys!
  12. I’ll check that tomorrow,see if that’s what’s happening. Was having too much fun with the F-18 tonight.
  13. I thought that was the case initially, I made sure I cleared all the other controllers I have, button box, direct drive wheel, etc.
  14. Not sure if it’s a hardware or software issue. I’m getting no movements on the stick with the TM Warthog. Everything is running normally in other planes, F-18, F-16, P51D and Huey are all working fine. I reset the axis controller, clearing it and then reassigning pitch and roll to the stick. I changed the curve just a little bit as well. In either Instant Action Free Flight or Start Up, I’m getting either no stick movement or VERY little movement of the stick. Procedurally, I’ve done everything correctIng up as far as setting up the aircraft switchology-wise. Again, the rest of the
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