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  1. I experienced the same issue, non-vr. So far I've had two instances of taking some damage, and Jester being Jester, bailed out to inspect the ground up close. In cockpit view the canopy looks as if it's raised, whilst in F2 it's gone. I am using mods, though, including Drunken Sailor's F-14 cockpit mod, although that only edits the consoles' visuals afaik.
  2. From the top of my head, as I haven't flown for a while now (new 1440p monitor and old GTX970 do not agree about DCS, still waiting for new GPU to actually be available): - take a long enough approach, so you're not cutting things short with last ditch drops - steady flying - ~400kts so you can impart enough energy - not sure about altitude, but 10-15k is fine for level flight JDAM dropping (lofting is also very possible, but a different ballpark) - go through the appropriate targeting setup steps (MA on, AG mode, JDAM's selected, fuses on, target(s) selected (depending o
  3. Having had Elmo show me how it's done, and some more practice regarding it, I think it's partially user error, and partially terminal impact behaviour to blame. The lighter JDAM's are either more lenient in their funnel, as Longiron phrased it, or they simply have more energy to spare compared to the GBU-32's. Given normal approaches are used, I never had an issue with the lighter JDAM's when dropped at the first instance of 100 LAR percentage number on the HUD. They basically behaved as if I was dropping normal dumb bombs via CCIP, with a relatively minor deviations based on target locat
  4. Is it similar to the issue I described here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/razbam/av-8b-n-a/problems-and-bugs/7120826-reported-tdc-slew-button-inversion-after-firing-agm-65?p=7129318#post7129318 ?
  5. Issue When deleting entries in the MPCD - CAS - RCALL page, you can CTD Reproduction 1: set up at least 2 target points via markers on the f10 map 2: load the target points into the harrier via 'Check MAP for Target Locations' 3: go to the CAS - RCALL page 4: select the 2nd or lower target point in the list 5: press the ODU button listed as ERASE until no further target points populate the selected slot 6: press ERASE again and DCS crashes on the spot So far it has a 100% replication rate on my end. It doesn't happen when deleting with the first target entry selected, however, onl
  6. You can always go through the steps again, especially if you for whatever reason doubt the accuracy, but it's not outright required with the new system. I have noticed that the accuracy can be a bit off with multiple TOO drops in a row, but against stuff like trucks and BTR's, it's still plenty accurate. If you also have tanks you need to kill, take the GBU-54 Laser JDAM's. The laser seeker head allows them to be used like GBU-12's and such, most likely including buddy lasing. At the same time, because they still have the JDAM GPS guidance, you don't need to have the laser active if you got
  7. The 'multiple' aspect refers to not having to go through the whole target selection process again when dropping multiple bombs in a row, as it keeps updating what it will send to undropped bombs. Following the steps Recluse linked, you can more quickly and easily drop multiple JDAM's in a row. For (near) simultaneous drops, you still need to use the pre-planned method.
  8. I can't open your replay for some reason, and it doesn't show up when I place it in my dcs OB tracks folder, where I still have another replay, which I do see in-game under Replays. After some more testing, I'm not sure why it's happening. The issue isn't that they consistently drop short every time, only when I use TOO-targeted drop at the optimal launch distance, as indicated by the hud. However, even then I have had instances where it does land on target. I modified one of the missions to start further away from the target zone, so I have plenty of time to set up for attacks. Even wi
  9. I should probably have updated the initial post as that was an earlier, and partially incorrect, assumption. What I noticed: The IRMV sensor window (both D and F) should, as far as I know, only have slew enabled when the sensor mode is set to IRMV. In INS the slew and target lock are unresponsive. After certain actions, the IRMV sensor view ended up with inverted slew commands, both in X and Y. Initial thoughts: I initially experienced it after going through a firing cycle, that being: acquire via TPOD - uncage - lock - fire - uncage - acquire next target with IRMV view - lock - fire,
  10. Ah alright, hadn't found that function yet. I'll think I'll be fiddling around with it, as the default yellow/green has pretty poor contrast against the moving map. That was actually the reason I couldn't figure out how to operate it back when I first tried the AV-8BNA...
  11. After reviewing it again, I've noticed it's linked to the INS mode and the TPOD. The Mav sensor should not be slewing when the target mode is set to INS, and doesn't do so normally. However, when using a TPOD for targeting, pressing TDC Down and then uncaging will enable INS with inverted slew in the maverick sensor view. The same happens when you target something, fire a Mav at it, and then uncage.
  12. The symbology turns red when you're in the EHSD - Data page as of nov 4th patch, so that part is normal afaik. It goes back to yellow/green when you click the DATA button again.
  13. The testing I did yesterday whilst learning the new operation method was mostly with the normal JDAM's and the laser version, which is showing the LAR on the EHSD now, so I slightly forgot about the mk83 JDAM. I'll give it a whirl and see if it's still bugged. Edit: Just tested it with absolute coordinates (pre-loaded via map markers), and I might have slightly messed the first one, so that was partially inconclusive, but still appeared to be dropping short on the 2nd marker, which was correctly placed. For the next bomb I used TOO targeting, using the laser for additional accuracy of the
  14. Indeed, it's nice it doesn't just outright fail to join or crash your game, that's for sure. It would still be nice, however, if the message in-game was tad clearer about it. The 'You are not authorized to land' sounds a lot like 'Go around, runway occupied' in a way. Having it mention you need the SC module would aleviate that. For example: 'You are not authorized to land: Supercarrier datalink module not installed.', with 'datalink' being optional for thematic flavouring. Although it's only a small thing, it would make it pretty obvious why interacting doesn't work, without first having to
  15. Thanks for the heads-up, it's nice to know in advance something like this has to be updated as well this time.
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