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  1. LOL it does and I will LOL
  2. Plays fine in game once your at your plane but getting their every screen flickers until it's fully loaded, My Vive Pro doesn't do this. any idea's why this is happening Vive say's the game may not be setup to run the Cosmos yet????? anyone know if that's true or are they just passing the buck?? but like I said the Vive pro doesn't do it?
  3. is anyone having trouble with the communication coming up while on line?? works on the ground buy not once in the air??
  4. thanks that's helpful I'll try it
  5. Sorry to hear that but glad to know it's not just me lol. thanks for the reply hope someone see's this problem and can fix it.
  6. thanks for the reply but I've tried that I've uninstalled the game and the plane to no avail, the first 4 work fine after reload they all look like the timing screen with no timer???? and come on after 2.5 minutes but they work fine in the stream version.
  7. Guess I'm not getting any help with this problem.
  8. I just went online in the stream ver8ison and it work fine?
  9. I tried it in the stream verson and it doesn't do it landed 4 times reloaded and it worked everytime? heres the trk sorry for the size but it doesn't happen until you land an reload trk.zip
  10. when I'm flying the F18 and using Mav 65F the first 4 go off with no problem I land reload take off the first one times and shoots then the DDI goes back to what looks like the timing screen but with no timer running? after about 2 min. 45 sec. it comes back on I shoot one and it's back to the timing screen without the timer? and again around 2 min. 45 sec. before I can shoot another and it's like this for everyone I shoot from then on. I uninstalled the plane and reinstalled it but that didn't help. anyone else having this problem??
  11. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II It can't turn for crap but it's fun to fly LOL
  12. Thanks for all the help got it working..... if all else fails follow the directions LOL
  13. Why doesn't my EW sound off when I'm locked on by any ground units?? it use to now nothing?? just bang I'm DEAD!!! no sound when they find me and none when a lunch happens?????
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