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    DCS with all modern jet module and theatre almost exclusive
    Elite Dangerous rarely used
    Wish for upcoming FS 2020
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  1. The mission if you care to also help improve it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pdiSWBlnj6yeGBMcB-VvuQ0F_HLIuUWc/view?usp=sharing
  2. yes should be iraq kuwait map for gulf war and iraq invasio
  3. Ive documented what I ve learned about Carrier Operation, it's terminology, carrier strige group, squadrons, organization in the carrier strike group, Also how to sequentially launch aircraft from DCS supercarrier for smooth sequential launch cycle. Useful also for creating videos Hope you might found something useful Carrier Operation : Nimitz Class Supercarrier : Nimitz Class Supercarrier Part 2: Sample of Spotting aircraft in flight deck : Crew, Equipment, Aircraft, Spawn of DCS Supercarrier : Sequential Launch Cycle in DCS Supercarrier: Also check out my FA18C Hor
  4. I do a video for squential launch using trigger not sure it is relevant but its a long video will creates some index
  5. I ve put a video for the spotting of aircraft carrier using websites called seaforces.org
  6. thanks, I do need a lot of courage and discipline every weekends as Im still working as employee
  7. wish you success in achieving your dream
  8. Not acquired I ve to DIY myself using 3D Printer :) using X-55 Hotas Throttle base (potentiometer and the base mechanic only) the pot is connected to the MMJOY (Arduino Leo, to be reprogram on the curve) I explained it in the build video I thin Part 2B
  9. Hi All This is my post in DCS Forum but I've been using DCS since its early days of Lock On Era so you could tell how old Iam. Around 3-4 Years ago I start doing lots of VR since then around 2 years ago I buiild my first VR cockpit. I've made a video of the cockpit However my neverending wishes for better cockpit just starting even stronger. After seeing many other beautiful build including many people here in the forum, it's inspired me to embark to one of more challenging build. I've never done it before just my experience in 3D printing, plastic modeling, and 3D modeling using
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