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  1. Oh I don't mind night ops, the "dark" part of cold and dark refers to a dark cockpit, generally a commercial aviation term I guess. Thanks for the tip though, I didn't realize I had this option. Going to start using it right now!
  2. Yeah, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it will work, but then once I've started DCS it no longer seems to be sending a signal to the sound card, as I get no response from the buttkicker, even though I can see it's receiving data from DCS via the verbose log. It is entirely possible that it has something to do with my VR headset. I've been having the WMR loud static hissing bug a lot lately.
  3. Also, is there a way for me to start with everything already on and running? I'm having a lot of VR-related crashes, and it's getting extremely tedious to do cold and dark every single time.
  4. Crisis in Persian Gulf for the F/A-18C. Apparently my reading comprehension is nil, I never realized. I'll try that next time instead of going to spectator (maybe I read "observer" and my brain saw "spectator" lol).
  5. SimShaker Sound Module, or Simshaker for Aviators, one of the two isn't working, because I frequently get zero rumble in my seat from my buttkicker gamer 2. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I can see in the verbose log that it is receiving data from DCS, but nothing is coming out of the buttkicker. Checking the buttkicker with regular audio works fine, so it's not the device.
  6. The stated method of avoiding the ejection bug doesn't work. After leaving my plane to go to spectator mode, an AI takes over the slot and refuses to allow me back in. Is there any other way to fix the ejection bug?
  7. Is there a way to manually change the mission to a GPS era so that it can be played with the current features the F/A-18C has access to? Or do we just need to wait until ED gets carrier TCN alignment working?
  8. Looking forward to RC10. Been having a blast with Liberation lately, although there are definitely still some bugs/design flaws. Already posted to github, but I noticed AWACS and all tankers are flying near stall speed, pitched way up just to maintain level flight. It's impossible to perform AAR right now with their pitch and speed being so slow. Also consistently getting the bug where my wingman will punch out as soon as hitting bingo fuel. Is this a liberation bug, or a DCS bug? Not sure, a quick search didn't show anything on the DCS bug report forum.
  9. Still no response from ED? I'm extremely disappointed in the devs handling of this. Major game-breaking bug, and ED basically says it's a feature.
  10. @MBOT, I don't know exactly what the mechanical differences are between the INS of an airliner and the INS in the F/A-18C, but usually INS drift doesn't begin to occur until either several hours have passed, or a few thousand miles have been traversed. Most missions with an F/A-18C would realistically begin to see some slight INS drift... right around the time you arrive safely back to the carrier. A couple hundred meters difference after a 2 hour flight would be pretty severe in a precision aircraft.
  11. @khopa since your version is so different from shdwp's original... Well, I already asked for a new forum post, but might I suggest you enable the issues tracker in Github? Forums can be a really tedious way to track and submit these problems. Keep up the fantastic work! The improvements look great, and I'm downloading and trying out RC6 right now!
  12. @Khopa it would be great to be able to add the Litening pod to shoulder 4 on the Hornet. Right now all it allows are sparrows and amraams.
  13. I'm flying the F18, and all I'm getting are BARCAP missions (btw, this should really be renamed. BARCAP is specific to a CVW, and I'm always taking off from an airfield). I see CAS and other types of missions for other aircraft, but never for the F18.
  14. Getting an error when trying to "take off" after selecting the first mission of a brand new campaign (I deleted all saves from older versions):
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