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  1. Thanks for the replies. I understand about the damage not being modeled. I think what's caused me to wonder about the underlying flight model is that I was able to crab 15 degrees left or right at Mach 2.0+, and maintain that flight attitude for as long as I held it. I'm sure it would have rolled had I not held the stick offset. It "feels" like it would be impossible, and from the responses here, it looks like it's the lack of damage that allows it. Essentially, I could do things that I don't think are physically possible. Oh, and to add to the confusion, every FC3
  2. Can someone who has a little free time do a little test for me? 1) Hop in the F-15, map is irrelevant, for ease of the experiment, a clear, low-wind day is probably best 2) Climb to 25,000 feet, give or take a couple of grand 3) Set Altitude hold 4) Set the throttles to full burner 5) Keep them at 100% while you listen to this video in its entirety (optional - but I think it does make you go faster) 6) When you get to 700+ IAS, press either rudder pedal to the floor 7) Observe what happens Questions: 1) Is what happens, what you
  3. Awww, yeah, this is gonna be great! I'm gonna spank these red pilots like they stole something! Then when I'm done, I'm gonna torpedo all of their mothers like a German U-Boat! What out mo-fos, I'm almost done spinning up, your flying time is about to be cut short! Chuck updated the guide, so now you're mine! <wait for what feels like eternity for the plane to start up> Finally, this bird is ready to go. Salute, here comes the cat shot … woo-hoo, did you see that perfect takeoff? That was all me! Skill, baby, I gots skill! Those Those navy dudes don't have a
  4. BTW, flew a bit today, I am getting locks with the HMD w/in 10nm, but BVR (or even WVR 10nm+) is still a struggle. Strangely, I can lock friendlies way further than hostiles. Because of jamming I assumed, but the same is true for the L-39's, so yeah, there's gotta be something to it that I haven't found yet.
  5. I appreciate the replies, BTW. This is one of the few Internet forums where: 1) People generally know what they're talking about and 2) Don't crucify you just because you may not I love this sim and spend a good chunk of my free time in it, but I didn't know an F/A-18 from a Ford Escort three years ago, so the learning curve for me has been particularly steep.
  6. I've tried everything at least twice, but not necessarily recently. My muscle-memoried way to get locks BVR is simply TDC cursor then Right on the sensor control (basically AAQ) to get the lock. Before the update, I could just use auto-aq out to 60nm or so., but that's been gone for awhile. Of course, I have radar elevation assigned to the throttle hat on the front (I have the full Warthog HOTAS setup), and I set the bar scan as I think is appropriate, but I don't think I've tried the JHMCS stuff in the last couple of months, and even then, only for the 9X w/in 10nm. I will try
  7. So, I know that everyone's been saying that the Hornet radar got more accurate since the update a few months ago, but I'm still a bit skeptical. Reason-being is that Mig-21's can lock me up from a greater range than I can lock them. I just downloaded today's release, and took to some A/A battles over the Black Sea in mostly-clear weather. So far, I've been blown out of the sky six times in a row, and I have yet to get a single lock on a Su-27 or Mig-29. They have no trouble locking me up, I just can't reciprocate. From 90nm all the way down to 15nm, I get nothing. The only kil
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it. To illustrate, here you see I have a mission called 'Caucasus Baseline II': I tend to make a master layout for each region, and then build new missions on top of it, that way I don't have to re-create my Carrier Strike Group each time, re-create AWACS & Tankers, populate bases, etc. I found a file with a bunch of Cacausus Static Templates, but like a great many other files, it required: https://virpil.com/en/news/58-vpc-airfield-equipment-dlya-dcs-world So I installed it. I then a
  9. Hi, So, I load a mission that I created, then I add a static template (that uses some objects in VPC Airfield Equipment), then, when I come back to load the mission, it doesn't show in the ME file browser. It DOES show in Windows File Explorer, though. Basically, I can never load the mission ever again. I'll screenshot what I'm talking about when I get home.
  10. I loaded templates from the VPC Airfield Equipment Mod, but when I create a mission, load one of the templates, and save ... the Mission editor cannot use any missions with any of that mod's objects. Any ideas? PS. Historical filter is not on
  11. That appears to be the altitude to which DCS models the atmosphere. I use the WeatherMark script to get the data. All altitudes above that are exactly -459F (with zero wind and pressure obviously). 265,821' is -105F BTW, on a 40F Syrian day in January Over 200K feet is pretty damn impressive! I sometimes use DCS to simulate weather, without even any combat stuff going on. It seems pretty realistic.
  12. I suppose that could be true, how would we know? I'll say, from the perspective of an amateur like myself, it simply doesn't work. I can literally be over a clear blue ocean 50nm W of Beirut, bandit at 5-10nm, <5K vertical, no clouds, no other traffic but an unarmed Mig29 in front of me trying to flee, and I can get a lock maybe 20% of the time, and if I lose it, it's gone. This is with AWACS coverage so I know where he is on SA. It could be accurate, but after all these years, I'm assuming they made it a bit higher in the detection range. 20% in that situation wouldn't be a
  13. LOL, Boy was it "fixed". Talk about over-achievers. Honestly, I'm impressed as hell that it ever works. It's pretty amazing when it's working correctly.
  14. I just d/led 2.7 yesterday, and there's a lot of cool new stuff. Unfortunately, it's all come at the expense of the Hornet's radar locking,which is now completely useless for me. I even created a mission with straight-ahead-flying enemies, I pull up behind them within 5nm, no lock. I see then on the radar well enough, I just cannot get a lock. Every now and then, I'll get a random lock, but there's little rhyme or reason to it. I have about 1,200 hours in the DCS F/A-18, and while I still wouldn't consider myself an expert, I've shot down thousands of enemy aircraft and I do generally know
  15. Alright, look, enough beating around the bush, why don't you just tell us how you feel about FC3 instead of making us try to read between the lines? Geez, some people
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