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  1. I mean, technically you can increase poly counts safely, you just have to remember several important factors. But the key one is "What can be seen from the outside at any angle". However, it's not always worth it in the end, especially in a simulator like DCS where you can be be a few dozen miles from the ship looking at it through a T-Pod. There are ships in DCS that could do with a massive facelift, but some of that could be accomplished with newer, better looking textures, while the rest simply need a new model. That begs the question Admiral, how do you feel about giving some o
  2. eh.... it was an idea. I mean, it technically doesn't have the right equipment for a gunship either, but yet we have that ability.
  3. I just had an interesting idea for an addition to the Herc: The Fulton Recovery System. I know it's not used that much these days, but it would still be an interesting system to equip the Herc with for certain missions.
  4. Ah nice. Ol'Ironsides, the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. Any plans to do other sailing vessels like the USCGC Eagle?
  5. It'll still be neat to do some campaigns that are set in the far east, rather than just having to imagine it with the existing maps. And yeah, I can understand what ya mean, sure there's some large islands in that region, but the small total landmass allows for more area to be covered with little or no CPU hardship *knocks on wood*
  6. patience for me isn't the problem... My team isn't planning to use 5th Gens... for Blue For (we're playing mercs after all). But DAMN does that Raptor pit look gorgeous. I'll probably make a 145th Skin for it anyway once a texture pack is released... but damn is this looking good.
  7. Looking very nice there. What plans do ya have for it once you've got'er modeled? Gonna try for an EFM?
  8. Looking pretty good Admiral, although I noticed something that could use adjustment for the hull number.... If it's a font issue, look up the "AmarilloUSAF" font, and you should be in good shape
  9. will there ever be a version of these tools that work with Max 2018? That's the version of 3DS I have, and I'm very comfortable with it.
  10. Double Nested? Could you have the contact me and help me figure out what that means? Also, looking forward to adding Duncan to the mod list for my guys :3
  11. One thing I'd like to see: More ships, specifically non-US ships
  12. San Antonio and Oak Hill. They appear when I test the mission in the Mission Editor, but not when the mission is loaded on a server, and everyone on the server has the mod installed (you can't sign in without it). We're trying to figure out why this is the case, but I figured asking you might shed some light, or someone with better know-age of coding can jump in and help out XD (Coding might as well be magic to me XD)
  13. Are you on the Steam version of DCS? If so, go into options->special-Hercules (or whatever it's called), and check the box that has 'Steam' in it (I forget the exact wording)
  14. I wonder if we could get the long-body version of the 747-400, or the new 747-8I
  15. are you on the Steam version of DCS? If so, be sure to click the appropriate check box in the specials tab under the Hercules section. We have it on our server, and a couple people, including me, were able to spawn in it and fly.
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