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  1. It's almost as if they've had to drill for that very scenario
  2. Given that Wake is a couple thousand miles away, not likely
  3. Or even have an AI task where a helicopter or ASW aircraft patrols a designated area, looking for submarines and dropping depth charges or torpedoes on them if they find them. The method of search would be using sonobouys, and dipping sonar. This provides a good mission for us fixed wing pilots to protect these assets while they work from air or surface threats.
  4. Yeah, if my math is right, a submarine going that deep would be going to about 36,000ft, which only a handful of unmanned submersibles can dive to, and only a couple manned submersibles have manged to come close. Most modern military submarines have test depths of about 1,000-2,000ft, but rarely operate that deep except in extreme cases, and even then, they can't stay that deep for long (maybe a few hours) for safety reasons. Large submarines just can't take the pressure at anything deeper than that. And sadly, this is a matter of physics in play, and physics does not know what mercy is.
  5. Many people think it would be.... until they get it and find out that the only time things get exciting, is when things go *horribly* wrong
  6. I think we'll see them again at some point. ED just has to convince Valve that this is a worthy thing to allow.
  7. And not just them, remember that a certain search engine receives a lot of money from that part of the world as well, which will make it harder to find DCS content, or even harder for new players to learn about the game as its subsidiary starts nuking DCS related content or hiding it.
  8. I was expecting this argument. Sure, they CAN make their own, and likely will. But why make it easy for them? Why do that work for them? The $50 it costs to buy the map is chump change compared to the millions of dollars they'd have to spend to make it all themselves.
  9. Yeah, F12 is the default Steam Screenshot Key, and it saves the screenshot to a Steam folder.
  10. There's also the fact that if you're doing MP, you can also set the radio frequencies you'll need before you taxi out (in SRS). All you have to do is remember which 'channel' is the airfield you want, and you're good to go.
  11. I'd like to see this as well, it'd be really good for scenarios taking place in the 80s and early 90s (specifically the Reagan and Bush Sr era). Each shell delivering the equivalent of a Mk84 onto the target would be a sight to behold in DCS, especially if we go by some of the reports of those shells actually flipping some light tanks over when they impacted next to them.
  12. In theory, there isn't really anything preventing the trial periods (minus the first-time-buy) from coming to Steam, the issue is that Valve might not see it as a valuable thing to do, especially if they feel like it would cut into sales. That said, if this works, and ED comes to Valve with the sales figures to prove that it can work for Steam users, they'll find a way to get it implemented, especially if the sales and player retention numbers exceed expectations. You have to remember, trial periods aren't a common thing for Steam, since a trial period would normally result in someone playing
  13. You don't seem to understand... The Chinese Government, who've vowed to take Tiawan back by force, would love to have a map such as this specifically so they can learn how to defeat Tiawans air forces with minimal casualties. As I've said before on other subjects: Cities change, terrain doesn't. You would effectively be giving one of the most evil empires on the planet the key to defeating their adversary. Trust me, it's an extremely bad idea. Unless you want a real war were the missiles that are flying aren't pixels on a screen, they're really fixed with HighEx, and they will be killing real
  14. @Admiral189 your pics not showing up for some reason. Any idea what's going on?
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