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  1. This is sad news. I DO hope you will stay in the flightsim world. We need you. Best regards /Cornerspeed.
  2. Why not a DCS Linux distro? Long term schedule? It must be Native. Remember Ubunu etc.. Is not Linux. Only the Kernel is Linux.
  3. Fantastic work! If you need "proof of match data" try http://www.calspan.com Nice people, maybe they can provide some data for you, thats not classified.
  4. Hi! When FC3 is out I need FC2, for FC2 I need the orginal Lock-On disc. Can't find it. (3 of them during the years) So I can't install FC3 What to do? Best regards
  5. OR/AND this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development)
  6. I had to read this two times. Your explanation of economical reasons are not relevant. I will not accept multi-player not working. The software states single and multi in the spec. That's it. It shall just work, all quick-fix,"snake-oil" is a dead end. However, I can wait for the patch. Looking forward to it. I think we will have a great sim ahead. Best regards
  7. Serious squad http://www.74thvirtual.co.uk As serious as it get and with a lot of friendship.
  8. +1 And a superior support from other systems on ground and air.
  9. I'm not following all the threads so I do not have the complete pictures of this problem(s). This is "Very frustrating to see a product I payed for simply does not work..." I agree. I don't think a quick fix going to solve this problem(s), do that LAN etc.. click here etc..is not the path to go. I got all the sim's since the Flanker will get all the next ones. Don't get me wrong. Maybe it's time for some more info from DCS regarding status Please? All the best.
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