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  1. Though you said it again, you're still wrong. I'm guessing you don't have any real-world flight experience due to your lack of knowledge of other types of instrument approaches.
  2. Saying it over and over again doesn't make it true. There is no ILS on the Hornet being modeled here.
  3. I just tried it and it works, but you have to make sure the HMCS knob is on. I hit M-SEL before rotating it and nothing happened, but after i turned it on it worked as advertised.
  4. Chain_1


    Correct. For example, at 10' from the contact position the boom manually flashes the forward light. Other lights may be used for direction if EMCON does not permit a verbal correction.
  5. Chain_1


    You're also pretty far right. Try to stay under the centerline. At the least, try to stay between the director light strips, that's +/- 2 degrees of azimuth.
  6. Not much sense in making a markpoint where there might not even be anything. Better to take the TGP and refine the approximate position to where the emitter actually is.
  7. You notice it now because your SA bubble has increased with your practice. Keep going and you'll pick up a lot more!
  8. I imagine that it's for when you're close but not yet visual and merged and you have an idea of the altitude block the other guy is in. Someone like Frederf or Mover would know better than me, though.
  9. If you're in NAV master mode you can slew the targeting pod around and lase things for him even if you only have rockets. If you have the Nevada map, this is the aircraft setup that's in the Rockets Instant Action mission (or you could add it in the mission editor). Put the mission on active pause and try it out. Once you switch to A-G master mode the TGP will be in CCIP mode, but if you stay in NAV you'll be good to go.
  10. TMS aft should take it out of slew to NO RAD, then dogfight mode should work as you described. As for it going right into slew when you hit the dogfight switch, it might be because you're hitting your cursor controls at the same time. I tried it just now and everything worked as advertised. Maybe your control bindings changed?
  11. Bruh. Edit: Frederf is correct: until we get the official DTC, the default is what it is. In the meantime, you've been given multiple ways to adapt and overcome the situation.
  12. You're welcome for answering your original claim of the DMS switch not working, as others did. Download the DTC app here and then you can set up your mfd pages in advance. That way you won't have to move the goalposts to make up for operator error.
  13. Chain_1


    It only changes which antenna the jet uses, the position of the switch does not alter the reception level in any way, e.g. placing the switch in upper does not necessarily give you better reception. There's no real reason in game to move them out of NORM at this time.
  14. The Viper Roadmap still has the ecm pods for 2021. Time will tell.
  15. Just got one in. How did you get your system/dcs to recognize the device? Mine gets power fine, but it isn't detected. Solved: I guess it only likes USB 2.0.
  16. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, man. Work has been nuts the last couple of weeks. To answer your question, fighter-turn-on or RV Alpha will be the order of the day in DCS. Like mentioned above, section off a bit of airspace and have the tanker orbit there. Fighters can fly faster and maneuver harder, so they'll make the rejoin happen. IRL the tanker can turn early to help expedite the rejoin, but DCS isn't that advanced, I don't think. Now for me to eat a bit of crow. First, a PSA: don't drink and type on the forums. My brain saw RV Echo and went Echo=E=Enroute, which is not the case. While I have done Echo before, as a practical consideration it's almost the same as an alpha, that is get to the airspace and wait for your receivers to show up. For drags, an enroute/Golf rendezvous is the order of the day. There's also what are called "buddy departures" where we take off right after the receivers and they rejoin almost immediately. Apologies for the confusion. You've already been reading the ATP, but if you need anything clarified from that let me know. Everything about a/r as it would happen in game is unclass.
  17. Might be WIP, but that's what is supposed to happen. It's not happening for me either. From the manual (p. 491): "Forward. When in BYPASS mode, this will release one chaff bundle. If not in BYPASS mode or OFF, it will initiate manual program 5."
  18. 135 guy here. Echo is used mostly for dragging fighters from one place to another, e.g. from their home base to an exercise. To meet that timing we adjust our takeoff time. Orbiting at the ARCP is done in RV Delta (point parallel). RV Alpha is the most common with fighters. With the new draw tool coming out, folks can make refueling areas on the map. Your suggestion to manipulate the tanker AOB is still a good idea because the area may be more limited in terms of space, requiring a higher AOB, depending on the situations the mission maker has in mind.
  19. That did it! I guess it isn't tied to a year group, yet.
  20. Affirm, I'm using the current open beta.
  21. I can't see the H-6J in the mission editor in any map, but can see it in the encyclopedia and in missions built by others. I have tried both short and long repair, as well as deleting the China asset pack folder and repairing so it downloads again. I am running the current open beta. Since others can make missions with it, I assume this is operator error. What am I missing?
  22. I'm very glad to see unique buildings (such as the Nikko) getting added. I went TDY to Guam many times and that really helps with the immersion. I can't wait to see a fully fleshed out Tumon Bay (the Beach Bar and the Slingshot would be excellent touches, in addition to the hotels) and Andersen AFB. Thanks ED!
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