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  1. Anyone who has the F-14 knows that Jester makes references to Star Wars and Top Gun. It would be fun if Petrovich had some lines in this spirit. I propose, therefore, that upon destroying a target Petrovich should say "А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!" For those who can't read Cyrillic, this reads: "Ah noo cheeki breeki i v damké." It would be a nice little Easter egg.
  2. Is your control bound to "Countermeasures Management Switch - FWD" or to "CHAFF/FLARE Dispense Button"? The dispense button (aka the slap switch), on the left wall is something like a panic button that dumps a bunch of chaff and flare. The CMS fwd switch, on the stick, should drop one flare and one chaff if you're in bypass. Edit: I just tried hitting the slap switch and got the same result as you, that's your issue.
  3. It does sound like some kind of interference, but it's probably not from Have Quick, just something on his interphone. I believe fighter guys keep their mics hot for HUD tape recordings, but he probably wouldn't be transmitting constantly, though I'd have to see the video. You only really hear any clicks/skips when your radio is receiving, transmitting you hear yourself normally. Said clicks would also be rhythmic and constant due to the slight timing desync between the radios.
  4. Not sure where the clicks in your clip are coming from because he's not transmitting, but you are correct that you can hear a skipping/clipping sound with Have Quick. That comes from the timing of the different radios being not exactly the same. My source is that I've been using Have Quick for about ten years now.
  5. Have quick is not encrypted, it's frequency hopping. If everyone is on the same timing, it's just like normal radios. For the secure voice beep, SRS comes with that effect, so there's probably a good sound file in its folder.
  6. I'm kind of curious as to what position you're holding. It sounds like you're flying Blue Angel/Thunderbird close. I have no experience with that. In normal fingertip, you should have enough horizontal separation to be clear of wingtip vortices. Stearmandriver is correct though; small aircraft wake turbulence is pretty exaggerated in DCS.
  7. I don't think it works like that. Try saying "Take 10" to select F10, then "Take X" where X is the number of the specific call that you want to make, e.g. when X=3 you're selecting F3 in the radio menu. Doing that has worked fine for me. Edit: changed "option" to "take" x2
  8. It sounds like you're too high. Notice where the basket extends to and how low it is compared to the wing tip and fuselage and try to keep it there. Visually, split the mprs pod with the top edge of the aft hud glass, and that will keep you out of the wingtip vortices. I'm not an IRL Hornet guy (AF FTW), but I can tell you that wake turbulence is no fun to be in. If the size difference between the aircraft is great enough, you won't be able to control your jet. Even if the aircraft are the same type, if you're in the wrong spot it could still be uncontrollable.
  9. In real life, there are antennas, panels, and paint markings that you could use as reference points. Unfortunately, they are not modeled/textured. For left/right, stay behind the yellow centerline stripe. Vertically, when you see the PDLs in the center see where the nacelles intersect your monitor's borders and try to keep them there like probad said.
  10. I don't have a F-16 Dash 1, but I'd guess in the checklist all interior lights are set to off until after engine start, where there's probably a step along the lines of "Interior Lights - As Required." Just a guess though.
  11. Can confirm. Happens with or without LTS test.
  12. The dimmers for those lights are all the way dim, and the AoA lights are the same. They're on the outside of the light housing and you have to move them up. This has gotten me before, too.
  13. For me, at least, it won't trim out if you have autopilot on. Disengage the autopilot, then try trimming. Failing that, bring up your FCS page to see if the controls are reacting normally to your trim inputs.
  14. It sounds like you're too low. What is your agl altitude at which you're trying to drop?
  15. It's been working for me all day. In Navy jets, weapon release is for air to ground ordinance. The trigger fires the gun and a-a missiles. Other than that, make sure master arm is on and the appropriate master mode is selected.
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