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  1. thank You DD_Fenrir! Flying a Spitfire is one of the most rewarding thing to do. I mentioned it in other forum posts, that it would be better since there is a game mode for dummies like myself, to be able to avoid these engine fire stuffs. I don't have too much time to practice and when I'm doing it, I'm doing it for fun. After a hard working day the last what I want is to get angry because I blew up my engines. For me these things however accurate are very frustrating and I would be happier to be able to shut off these engine fire stuffs, but right now the game as it is.... anyway
  2. hi guys! I always burn out the engines during dogfight. do you have any suggestion how to hangle this beast? thanks
  3. ok. now I'm crying from happiness! Infernal78 thanks a lot, you've made my day!
  4. F4U would be really something. There is a lot of talk about this since too long, but I guess this is something which doesn't come soon. Do you have any news?
  5. A mod or code would be great. It's no problem if the tailhook is not there visually. The function is what I really crave for. Thanks & Merry Christmas to all of You!
  6. de-ice is switched off. the problem is still there. I wounder maybe the problem is that I put the uh. into 1% fuel level and it maybe drops because it's bugged. It always shuts down the enginee after a perticular time around 4-5 minutes. So actually I can't fly doesn't matter what is my settings more then 4-5 minutes. Naturally when I say 1% fuel level, I have a setting with unlimited fuel...
  7. I've tried with both cold and hot start. I didn't have weapons and also removed the exterior parts. I've set fuel to unlimited and set the huey fuel level to 1-3% in order to decrease the load. The temperature was 22oC. Anyway I don't believe that it is accurate to even with this feature the huey can fly for long period of time. I've tried now without autopilot and it does the same. after like 3-4 minutes of fly the engines burn out.
  8. HI GUYS! I need your help to solve this isuse. I fly with the UH-1H in a persian gulf and from Tarawa carrier. I try to reach in autopilot an island and during the fly the rpm drops, engine fires and I die. I tried everything. I'm in immortal mode. My exhaust level is between 5-6, my speed is around 80 kts, so everything is fine. I tried also today to fly from ground to somewhere random and the same happened. I flew huey before many times and for long hours and never had an issue. I don't know what the f**ck can be the problem, but that is so annoying that I even thoug
  9. now here comes another issue. I've added the entry.lua for an fw190D which works perfectly. The problem comes when I try to land on any carrier without a tailhook. XDDDDD Do you know guys any tailhook mod, which can be added to any aircraft in dcs? thanks,
  10. No. I didn't use it. I'll try today. Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
  11. hi guys! I'm no programmer, but I'm curious is there any way to make it possible to have a "ramp type of takeoff" from any carrier even modded ones like the hermes types in dcs? I would like to try to takeoff specially with ww2 warbirds from carriers. Since I can't find any ww2 carrier mods working in dcs new patches, I would be happy to see how we can manage it. Regards, Akos
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