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  1. Hey, i encountered in mission 12 (A-10C 2) that the Group "Insurgent HMVV Trap" is indestructible. They have it set as a waypoint option as i can see in mission editor. Tried it two times but was unable to destroy anyone of them. It's not important to finish the mission but i spent too much ammunition until i gave up on it.
  2. I have the same problem with Mission 7 on current OB ( Tried it 2 times with succesfull extraction and Landing in Vaziani. Both times the campaign mission was not counted as success. I've seen in the tacview replay that the Helicopter is doing some weird stuff after picking up the guys and crashes in the end (see screenshot). I know that the new open betas crashed extreme amounts of the mission triggers :/
  3. Version: (also tested with 49718 and still exists) TLDR: CBU-99 is not bursting at 1500ft AGL with MFUZ=VT. It burst approx. 1.2secs after reaching the 1500ft AGL (at actually 670ft). Detailed: The CBU-99 is configured with MFUZ=VT; EFUZ=OFF; HT=1500. Released at 7500ft, 540 IAS and 33° dive angle The bomb flew multiple secs until reaching 1500ft, so it should be armed already. The burst occured at ~670ft MSL (only 33ft ele at this place), which should be approx. 1.2s after reaching 1500ft AGL regarding the dive angle and speed. Additional information: In the Tacview replay i see a direct distance between the cbu-99 and the target of approx 1500ft as it bursts (could be a coincidence or maybe there is a bug that the distance is used instead of the actual height?) As a result of this late activation i think the bomb is very inaccurate (ccip Pipper calculates with 1500ft???) -> Would be very interesting to have some technical detail here Manual says on page 135 that it only arms 1.2 after release: "HT Option. For the Early Access release, the Mk-20, CBU-99, and CBU-100 canister weapons default to use FMU-140 fuses. This is a fixed-setting fuse with an arming time of 1.2 seconds after release." This behaviour is also researched and described by other users in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=217264&page=5 I would expect that the cbu-99 will burst at exactly 1500ft AGL once armed (1.2s after release). Or do i understand the expected behaviour completly wrong and this is the right behaviour? I currently can only use this type of weapon to hit sth. with the PRI MFUZ Setting.. But maybe i am just too stupid to understand the CBU Btw.: The manual is also wrong regarding the efuze settings which where already changed to efuze=off. It currently says on page 135 we have to put efuze to INST. But thats not the point in this thread here.. CBU-99_MFUZ_VT.trk
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