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  1. I changed the volume of some cursors in the setup screen and the tone was back !! Really strange...
  2. I run some others tests, it's a sound issue, i can fire a Mistral but i don't have the tone. I check in the Ka-50 if i got sound and yes its working properly, if i press the lamp test i can hear all the alarm. So it seems it's just an issue with the Gazelle but i don't know what.
  3. You were right tobs i had some "red controls". I fixed it but it's not resolving the missing tone problem in the Mistral version. I can fire gun/rockets with the SA-342L without problem. Both time i just run a simple mission from the mission editor with a Gazelle setup for "Takeoff from parking hot". When in game I just : - switch the master arm ON - switch the weapon system ON - switch the left or right weapon ON (got a green light) - switch the reticle ON In SA-342L, i can fire gun/rockets immediately, in SA-342 Mistral, i have the two circle in the reticle but no tone and when i got an aircraft just in the inner reticle i can't fire a missile.
  4. No, default installation, no jsgme, nothing (1.5.4)
  5. Hi guys, I'm probably missing something but i have no tone while trying to shoot a mistral : - master arm ON - weapon panel ON - left weapon selector green - double circle on the reticle ON - 4 mistral on board But no tone, I'm sure it's a noob things, what did i forget ?
  6. Hello, I'm really sorry but LOCFG project is dead, I don't have time to continue to work on it.
  7. Hello c0ff, Do you have a release date to communicate on for this BS patch multiplayer compatibility ?
  8. If you can send me the graphics.cfg file of a fresh 1.12b install, it will be very helpfull to investigate on this problem !
  9. Small news : German translation added in LOCFG. You can get LOCFG here : http://www.3rd-wing.net/LOCFG/LOCFGSetup_beta3.exe
  10. I'm sorry but at this time i don't know how to fix this problem
  11. Thanks Renato i will add this as soon as possible !
  12. 3.0.2 is available from locfg auto-update. I have added fogparam and objectfog settings in optimization tab (and switch canopy optimization in cockpit tab). I will work now on tekateka idea to add max and min angle view server settings.
  13. Send me your view.lua file to julien.roze(a)gmail.com or attach it to your next reply please
  14. Please send me your view and snapview files, there is probably something wrong in those files
  15. I will try to add this in the next version :thumbup:
  16. Thanks TekaTeka, that's right LOCFG 3.0 beta is available :thumbup: You can download it here : http://www.3rd-wing.net/LOCFG/LOCFGSetup_beta3.exe LOCFG 2.0 stay always available here : http://www.3rd-wing.net/LOCFG/LOCFGSetup.exe Here is the list of new feature in LOCFG 3.0: - user interface improvement - add themes selection - user can now edit civil trafic, scene and realism settings - remove apply and cancel buttons on each tab, you can now save your global setting with only one button - add functionality to save and load all your LOCFG configuration in only once - screen resolutions are now the same that you can see in your windows display settings Due to this big update, croation, spanish and russian translation are only partial. English translation must be good. Some screenshots :
  17. Is this the full file ? Half of the file is missing !!! I advice you to load default Lock On file and then make again your config. There was probably a problem the last time you saved your config file with LOCFG. Note that it's the first time i see a such problem.
  18. can you send me your graphics.cfg file ?
  19. Le mail que tu as utilisé pour le paiement paypal est-il le même que celui renseigné dans ton compte sur le site lockon.co.uk ?
  20. Si tu es bien identifié sur le site que tu penses avoir complété ton paiement sur paypal et que tu n'as toujours pas les liens pour télécharger FC et que tu ne vois pas ton numéro de série, vérifie ça : Il se peut donc que ta transaction a échoué, tu l'annules (tu ne seras pas débité), tu en recrées une, tu attends bien que la transaction soit complété avant de faire quoique ce soit. Dès que c'est OK sous paypal rend toi sur le site pour télécharger!
  21. Salut, Une fois que tu as fait la procédure d'achat, tout se passe sur cette page : http://lockon.co.uk/index.php?end_pos=135&scr=products&lang=en Assures toi que tu es bien identifié sur le site, et tu devrais accéder aux liens de téléchargement de Flaming Cliffs. Sur cette page doit s'afficher également ton numéro de série du jeu que tu devras saisir après installation.
  22. Delphi 6 is an old old IDE. Now there is delphi 2006 and 2007 and they are really similar to Visual Studio. I only used Delphi 6 to program LOCFG because this is the IDE we are using at work. Use of Visual Studio & Delphi depend of what you want to do. Visual Studio : - developement with Framework 1.0, 2.0 - web developement - language: C#, C++, C, VB Delphi 2006 : - web developement in C# - WIN32 application C# & Pascal Object Delphi 2007 : - WIN32 application in pascal object for Windows (Vista include) Delphi for PHP: - simple & complex web project in PHP language
  23. I made LOCFG with Borland Delphi 6 (Pascal object) !
  24. You have placed the camera inside the aircraft :music_whistling: (or too near the aircraft) Note that the F4 view control panel is not precise. To have a maximum of precision LOCFG would need a control panel at least twice bigger !
  25. Yep some screenies will be helpfull because i'm not sure to understand your problem
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