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  1. Thx maverick , yeah i allso like the left one the most , took the longest to :p
  2. been a while since i've done a edit: so here are some more : ;) enjoy
  3. Am a 3D modeller. (doing it around a half year) Where can i see what missles need to be modelt ? It would be a very good training for me.
  4. Sky Eagle


    G-E-E-Z-E-S Wake up guys...
  5. Sky Eagle


    The thing thats am suprised of is he just wants to send he's hours of hard work to a other person. And that he can't cut away a few polygons and smooth it for lower polygons. So i think its ripped. Shame on you.
  6. Sky Eagle


    Am not joking. You can buy models on-line. I don't believe he made it since he hasn't posted any wips and doens't have a decent answer to my questions. Now why is your mesh all triangles ? And show me a unsmoothed and smoothed clay. Allso a wire close up of the wheels. Thx !
  7. Sky Eagle


    Something like this ? What a dumb question. A guy with a skill like this that can make a plane this doesn't need to ask it. Only why is your mesh all Triangles instead of quads ? And still a smoothed and unsmoothed clay plz.
  8. Sky Eagle


    Don't ingore my question. Post a Wire and a unsmoothed clay plz. THX
  9. You don't need a somesort of plugin. Just make your model in Gmax and send it to the dev's. Games like fs2004 support Gmax and that means YOU can add plane's and stuff whenever you want. Lo-mac DOenst have this and you CAN make your model in Gmax but you need to send it to the DEV's and They will import it for you. (if the model is good engough.)
  10. Yes you can. You can build your model in Gmax and then send it to the dev's. They can open a Gmax file with 3dsmax or import it.
  11. Sky Eagle


    Could you show me a wireframe and a unsmoothed clay render please ? Looking good!
  12. If would recommend that you first learn using Gmax and then if you like buy 3dsmax 7. Since 3dsmax 7 is very very expensive and if you say just like that , am gonna buy it then your gonna download it. (warez)
  13. Sky Eagle


    I suggest to start with simple things , stick like for the moment to missle's , bombs and do allso other things. If u wanna continue with ur F14 go ahead, but am sure u won't finish it since u don't have engough experience , me either. And if u wanna start with modelling a plane try to model a ww2 plane , they ain't to hard to make , like the P51 , Bf109 and stuff. Since modern jets are way more complicated. Just my thoughts :)
  14. Sky Eagle


    ^ then u haven't seen mutch 3d work. @ Mig-mag , very nice ur starting to work on a plane , but whenn u are just a beginner i wouldn't recommend to begin with plane's. They are pretty hard to make and to keep them under the poly's allowed. The nose u made looks pretty good but i think it already has alot of polygons.
  15. Sky Eagle

    AI F-111

    Do u know how long it takes just to model a plane ?
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