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  1. @despinoza Got WMR "blue screens" all of a sudden also CTDs. Everything worked for months before that. No 2D issues. Just changed the USB selective standby setting : works like a charm now. Never had so much hardware trouble than trying to make VR to run smoothly. Thanks would never have found this alone.
  2. Some switches do not make any sound when clicked: D2M, LL, BR, VTH on/off… I really miss audio feedback that intended action has been done and that I did not click just next to the button.
  3. Issue still there on latest open beta despite being reported as fixed in patch notes
  4. @baltic_dragonHey, wanted to say again how much I love this campaign. The voices are really good. The mission are exactly what I like and are perfect to learn all aspects of the aircraft. But the last half is filled with bugs and problems. I'm not fighting against the agressor but against the mission itself to find which trigger has not been fired. I know you expect me to fly as briefed to fire the triggers but sometimes I just turn 1 NM too early and I'm stuck and cannot find why. It would be better if you had some messages like "fly to WP2" so I can see when I missed the nex
  5. @baltic_dragon Fix not working anymore for latest beta. Chevy is never cleared to attack. Mission cannot be completed.
  6. I found a workaround. You should not wait short of the runway 03 till rocket takes off. Wait on the parking untill you see rocket taxiing and taking off. Only then you should ask for clearance to taxi for your group. The radio comms at for the take off with Nellis ground will be a bit mixed but it works.
  7. Thank you for your excellent support
  8. I'm taxiing short of 03L as ordered with my wingmen behind me but Rocket will wait on the other side and won't take off. If I let pass my wingmen they will all take off and rocket will also take off. I can then take off myself without failing the mission. But because my wingmen will be in air before me, half of the flight will land again. So when the encounter with the agressors starts I am outnumbered and it is hard to win. Didn't manage to complete it yet sadly.
  9. I have this isue too. Black square taking about 2/3 of the screen. When I turn my head the square stays at the same place and eventually everything goes back to normal. Having the issue since 2.7.
  10. @BuzzLine Thanks for the heads up. Will try it. My concern is me forgetting to remove it once it's fixed and introducing new problems :-). Hope the team has it on the radar.
  11. I encountered this bug in multiple campaigns ( Operation Pontus, Rising Squall). Please fix this.
  12. Oh great I waited till 1:30 but never 1:50. Will try this. I'm eager to continue .
  13. There is already a topic in the bugs section of the forum about this. Baltic Dragon is looking into it but it's a DCS problem.
  14. A nice function would be to prevent the Ipad to go in standby. Can you do that for the next version?
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