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  1. Ok well I got it solved. DCS didnt like the fact that I changed the Key-binds. Apparently up,down,left, right, and JOYBTN3 are not approved key functions for TDC. Reset everything to default and it works just fine. Kinda sucks to have to take hands off to work with it but it will suffice. Thanks for all the feedback guys
  2. That is correct im not using any TPOD or anything its a Base F18 with 4 AGM-65F's. I wanted to try and learn how to use them since I am in the process of learning the hornet and saw a vide on them being used. So i created a personal mission in the editor with 4 simple targets to lock and hit but I cant get the MAV DDI or TDC to slew at all so im not sure whats up. It could have just been a bug as well though. Ive noticed sometimes keybinds stop working after bieng in game for a while so perhaps ill load it up tonight and have no issue
  3. No Target diamond is present. Verified that as well. I will however try S to remove designation when I get back on and try as thats the first new solution I have heard that I haven't tried. Much appreciated I'll let ya know if that was the issue. EDIT: Here's a question that your response prompted though. I was using a NAV waypoint to navigate to the target area. It was set to NAV not to TGT. Would simply having a NAV waypoint active cause the TDC to not slew? For reference i was 149.9 away from the waypoint heading that direction but no where close and it was set to NAV
  4. I might be getting my exact nomenclature and terminology a bit off my apologies if I dont know all the exact proper vernacular. I have the MAV screen on the left DDI and the SCS left to accommodate that. I only have the F's on board. Double checked that to be sure. Warmup works just fine that was also verified.
  5. Yes, the SCS has the TDC assigned to the correct DDI as stated in the OP ' It is UNCAGED and the the TDC has been assigned to the left DDI'. The priority Diamond is in the top right corner of the MAV DDI yes. After this I uncage, and the crosshair disappears. And yes there is the maverick training mission in the missions list but it isnt one of the step by step voice scripted tutorial missions that walks you through the process of getting the system to work with the Mavericks. The only one I have seen is 'there are an assortment of targets, practice killing them' Which is perfect I want
  6. Does anyone else know if I'm forgetting or missing a step here or if this is just a bug? Like do I need to use a targeting pod now and that info hasnt been updated in tutorials or set the radar to a different type or something? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Its ok haha. But yeah most tutorials or informational segments I have watched and read say the same thing but it just doesn't work so I was wondering if there was some kind of known bug with it at the moment. In all the videos ive watched ive never seen anyones left DDI crosshairs for the MAV completely disappear and then display only three horizontal lines without the ability to aim it at all with the TDC
  8. I'll check that setting when I get home; however, as I previously stated in the OP, even with the TDC pressed I cannot move the reticle at all.
  9. Good Morning all, So I have noticed there is no tutorial training mission included regarding the AGM-65F. Ive watched plenty of tutorial videos on how to lock and make them function; however, the TDC left, right, up, and down,do not move the cross-hairs on the left DDI. It is UNCAGED and the the TDC has been assigned to the left DDI but it still does not work even if I have the TDC depress button held. When I un-cage on the left DDI, the cross-hair on the screen disappears and I am left with about 3 horizontal looking lines and no functionality. Is there something I am doing wrong or is
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