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  1. Hello, Quick question to get DCS-BIOS to Autostart with DCS... Is there a way I can manually configure DCS-BIOS to autostart (by creating or editing a file somewhere)? I have DCS installed in a non-standard folder, -AND- I have my Users folder on another drive (didn't want it on my primary SSD). I was able to get the DCS-BIOS Virtual Cockpit connection to work by manually adding the line to the Export.lua file. When I try checking "Autostart DCS-BIOS" in the web setup, I get the message, "error: profile directory does not exist, please start and exit DCS and try again: C:\Us
  2. colo, Thanks again for continuing to work with me. I hope all goes well with your surgeries and that you can get off the pain killers soon. I now have the AMPCD working -- changing the resolution from 600x600 to 400x400 fixed it without any other changes. See the more detailed information below. I still am having issues with the aspect or stretching of the UFD. Is there a width & height should I try for that? AMPCD Details: As I paid more attention to the AMPCD screen, I noticed that it wasn't showing another gage in an old location, it just showed what was in the screen
  3. Hello, I've done quite a bit of searching and continue to have two other minor problems... 1) The F/A-18 UFC output is stretched in both my android displays. I've tried having the source be 600x600 and 600x480 (changing it in aInstruments as well). It changed the display's stretch, but still wasn't quite right. Is there a certain aspect ratio that it needs to be? For my monitor, I'd like to stick with a width of 600 pixels (or less). (see attached picture) 2) I can't get aInstruments to look at the correct part of the screen to see the F-18 AMPCD (CENTER_MFCD). It's like it's
  4. colo, Thanks for the quick response. I've e-mailed you a few debug.txt files created under different connection attempts. Windows IP Address: Phone IP: Tablet IP: I'd really like to get this working, so I'm more than willing to work with you to figure this issue out, rather than request a refund. Thanks, Doug
  5. Hello, I just purchased aInstruments today and have spent most of the day trying to get it all working. I'm impressed with it so far, but have run into an issue. For me, the "Autodiscover" tablets is not finding either of my devices (an android tablet and an android phone). I'm running the tablet app first, then start aInstruments on the Windows computer. I can connect each device manually, but only one will be connected at a time. I cannot get both devices to connect manually at the same time. When I click "Manual Connect," the T1 IP connects, while the T2 IP will not connect.
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