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  1. I added an update for the latest DCS beta version to the first post: - Compatibility with DCS World version (6.6.2020) - Fixed tree AToC in TGP This DCS update had quite many shader changes, hopefully I didn't miss anything. :)
  2. You can also set the values to 0 to remove the rendering of the specific shadow cascade(s) completely which will reduce CPU overhead. Here is the shadows.lua I use: http://junk.kegetys.fi/shadows.lua With that, all shadow settings use the same resolution (4096x4096 pixels, most GPU's should be fine with that) but the different settings have different amount of cascades instead. 'Low' setting has only one cascade, so you get shadows only in the cockpit, medium has two cascades and high has 3. The DCS default has 4 cascades on every setting and only the shadowmap resolution is different. W
  3. Maintaining multiple versions would be too much work. It would be best if ED would just allow signing of mods. ED's MSAA mask should function identically to mine (given they almost certainly even copied the line that does it from the mod). Though the implementation is also slightly different, but it would be odd for them to not even check it works. :)
  4. Another update added to the first post for the latest DCS version. Full list of changes: - Renamed the mod to 'DCS World VR shaders mod' - Compatibility with DCS World version (23.5.2020) - Removed MSAA_MASKSIZE setting as ED "cloned" it to DCS itself - Added multi-sampled terrain shadow sampling (less aliased shadows with MSAA) - Added alpha-to-coverage support for trees and tree flat shadows (less aliased trees with MSAA) - Fixed ship wakes being permanently "burned in" with high water detail - Simple transparent objects rendering setting (off by defau
  5. I added another update to the first post that contains the changes from latest patch and a few other compatibility fixes. There is also a new setting to not disable bloom, it seems its performance hit has reduced in the last 1½ years (or it performs better on my current 2080ti than it did with the previous 1080) Another new setting is supersampling for the albedo (diffuse) textures for objects. This is a very performance-cheap way to get improved clarity especially for the cockpit labels and stuff. So instead of having to supersample the entire rendered scene to get more sharpness, it wi
  6. I added an updated version in the first post that hopefully fixes the crash since last DCS version, and includes a few other shader changes that came in the last patches.
  7. I added an update on the first post for A bit more than usual has changed in this version, so I made some other changes too: - Compatibility with DCS World version (16.2.2020) - Restored original sun flare - Added simplified version of histogram calculation (previously it was removed completely) - Above can be turned off with ENABLE_SIMPLE_HG setting (disabling it will do the "full" histogram the game defaults to, which is quite heavy) - Removed the sRGB fix as the game seems to have some other workaround for it now - ENABLE_SIMPLE_SHADOWS now limits the
  8. I was told the mod got broken again, I did a quick update for the latest DCS beta (, link in the first post). Not tested much but looks like it works with a simple merge of the changes.
  9. Quick update to DCS version added in the first post. Didn't have time to test it almost at all, hopefully it works ok :)
  10. I updated the mod on the first post for compatibility with latest DCS version ( This version also comes with new features: - Included my sRGB gamma fix (blacks are black so increased contrast, you need to increase the gamma from video options a bit since it behaves slightly differently now) - Options to disable some of the optimizations in _HMD.hlsl (simple shadows, grass, canopy) - Fixed the haze and fog issues (restored resolveDepth, could bring some small performance degradation but that seems unavoidable) - Improved the NVG goggles, made the scope smaller so you can loo
  11. This comparison should hopefully be done with my sRGB gamma fix, as otherwise the black levels will be elevated: http://www.kegetys.fi/srgb-gamma-fix-for-dcs-world/
  12. I have reported the issue in the bugtracker here: https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io/view.php?id=817 It seems to be caused by something in the engine simulation (if you remove the engine device it runs a lot better but you lose afterburner and other stuff), but so far it has not been fixed.
  13. I updated the mod on the first post for DCS version compatibility.
  14. While looking at something else, I noticed a problem in how the game applies sRGB color space conversion that almost certainly is causing this issue (or at least making it much worse). I made a mod that should fix it, see my site for some more info & download. With that, using the HTC Vive, the nights look much better and properly dark :).
  15. I updated the first post with a link to a new version that should work with latest beta as of now (v2.5.3.21107). I also fixed a problem with the moon illuminating the cockpit glass too much which was making it difficult to see anything at night with full moon. There are quite a lot of shader changes in the latest betas that are not mentioned in the changelog and I didn't test this version too much yet so its possible there are some bugs. But at least with a few quick missions with the Harrier everything seemed to work as before. :)
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