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  1. Hey Fang, are you playing the game in full window mode? Pressing left Alt and Enter to get the game to run in full screen. I find if I don't have the game in full screen that clicking on the left or right console areas of the aircraft can sometimes make you click the mouse pointer outside of the game window. Just a thought.
  2. On the main website there's news on the right side which highlights the timescale of the price of the upgrade. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-10-02/
  3. Totally agree, VR visual improvement was noticeable straight away, shadows in particular where solid and consistent. Great job ED
  4. I'm not seeing any difference between the 2 modules in VR, get a reasonable 40ish FPS with VR on low settings. On each OB update I delete the contents of the FXO and metashader2 folders too so this may help.
  5. Pjay22

    Members age?

    47 back in March, been into sims since the late 80's going from an MSX to an Amiga 500 and then a few PC upgrades since.
  6. Yeah I know how you feel, 2 just aint enough :D
  7. No the warhead for the L's is too heavy for more than one per pylon. Only the D's and H's can have 3 per pylon.
  8. Same thing happened with me, the gun reticle wasn't visible, only the cross hairs. I figured I'd switched something off while I was tinkering around with the weapon loadout. I'm also using VR.
  9. There's user missions available here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312554/ not many but there will be more to come I'd say.
  10. Big thumbs up from me also. HMCS is worth the upgrade money alone, amazing flexibility. Thanks to all at ED for this, really appreciated.
  11. I use the latest open beta version, I know its got its quirks but I'm ok with it.
  12. AFAIK on the real airframe it was more beneficial to have the HARMs on 2 stations together with fuel tanks on stations 4/6. Having four HARMs meant loitering longer with less fuel...
  13. Yes, what a steal for 10 dollars (£7.70GBP), will be purchased on the first day...
  14. Last weekends development progress seems to have it titled as the A10c II Tank Killer...
  15. Excitement levels have went through the roof, bring it on ED...
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