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  1. Would really like the ability to bind many "items" to one button or slider. EG F16 cockpit lighting could all be on one slider (4 individuals currently) OR EG Master arm and laser arm could be on the same switch
  2. Would really like the ability to selectively load a map and in the standalone server be able to override the mission file's in built time, date and weather. With this we'd be able to take any map/mission that has hours of work put into it and just set it to night, winter, storm etc etc as we chose. Not asking for ability to change while the file is running, just at load/start of that mission.
  3. Fly in a small group, we all also noticed an instant and huge upgrade in FPS/smoothness in VR. We've been slowly pushing up the p.d. in 0.1 increments to see how much more image quality we can get to keep the solid 60fps we like. We THINK the game is now spreading over more CPU cores but not entirely sure, havn't looked into it that much. Kinda looks like the CPU bottleneck has been reduced greatly.
  4. Also, cant get any runway lighting to turn on when trying to land at night or in bad weather. Any ideas why or how?
  5. can the caucucus tanker routes be changed so they are not so close to enemy units. It's all but impossible to refuel without being interrupted by sams or aircraft.
  6. God yes it needs it! Stange though that it never needed it in the past, yet recently they changed the lighting, the lighting they say is how it should be and is realistic, yet when you set the black sea map to 8am in march and your retinas are burned out in your vr headset. You mean when they increased the suns power and then later had to release bug fixes to aircraft mfds, rather than reducing the sun to something realistic. You mean the sunlight where white hot bruning flares you drop are invisible and you only see the smoke trail they leave behind? Could that be why it's suddenly neede
  7. Hi there, Still using 2.1.4 but has something in a script altered ILS? Trying to use the ils of senaki in an f16 and it's as if the airport has ILS off.. gone to test it in another mission/map and all working. Suggestions?
  8. Wrong. I personally heard a high up member of one of the groups (will not publicly name them as it's not their fight) state that due to the terms of "the agreement" with ED, they were obliged to use the current open beta version. (Who knows what that agreement is, it was not discussed). This was while the whole group was debating if all their servers should be rolled back to 2.5.5 to actually be able to fly some missions. Or have you forgotten what happened a few months ago when 2.5.6 was so unstable that servers were crashing many times a day?
  9. I think what upsets people (like myself) is paying full price for a piece of DLC which cost more than a full AAA title. Then, to have slow process, that is not so much of an issue, but to have things which were in the past, working, then broken and most importantly, clearly broken and known to be broken, (wag's video on new stearpoints clearly shows the hud is not legible above the horizon). To have that released, knowing to be in that state, makes those who have paid their money feel like they were taken advantage of. Beta tester may be "optional" but when ED and some online groups have an
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