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  1. Frustrating map...I’m glad we’re getting Cyprus, but I’d love to see more of Iraq, Israel and Egypt
  2. Would be nice to have the pole lying down like the fences! Also I noticed some deck sliding issues at good speed
  3. Hello ED, thanks for the hard work and the bug fixes Since the Super Carrier release I found a lot of bugs, here’s a list. Sorry but I don’t have the time to put one thread per bug, I hope you’ll understand that. I just want to help :thumbup: System, drivers, BIOS and hardware are up to date, clean install, 32Gb Ram i7 9700KF and RTX 2070 Super. 1 - In MP some sams are not rearming even if you give them an Ural 375. 2- Scenery Remove Objects is broken in multiplayer : my friends were still seeing the static planes in Shukumi, they were properly deleted on my computer
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