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  1. Hi ED, any news on this ? L-39 is unusable
  2. Unbelievable....they should fix the L-39 and the Yak
  3. Thank you so much, do you know if it would be possible to do the same with a prefix ? Like Cas ? Because I named them casMig23-1...n, casMiG29-1...n and I already have so much lua with these names thanks also they spawn randomly between 0s and 2h, is that an issue ?
  4. Hello guys, I’ve been reading for hours and I can’t make it work... I have 50 CAS BLUE groups and a RED convoy , spawned dynamically somewhere on the map. I need the BLUE units to engage it, problem I can’t use the attack group in the editor as it’s spawned dynamically. The convoy has group name « Convoy1 », is there a simple way to have the 50 groups detect and engage it ? Also, can you simulate the detection of all the RED units in a zone and show them to all blue units on F10 map ? I want my E3 AWACS to act as a JSTAR. thanks
  5. Hello guys First I want to say that you’re all very talented , congrats for the hard work I would love to see an IAF C-130 or KC-130, known as Karnaf over there The livery is amazing https://www.c-130hercules.net/index.php?/forums/topic/9296-c-130-news-israel-divides-hercules-unit-following-upgrade/ thanks,
  6. Hi guys, Does anyone know how I could do this? I want to spawn two separate groups and a static object at a random location, but have them next to each other when they spawn. I know how I would do with one group, just add a few zones and teleport it inside one of the zones, but how can I have the static object and the other group spawn next to it? I would appreciate some help, thanks *(The first group would be a convoy that was attacked, second a static truck damaged, and third group infantry that I will pick up with the Huey)*
  7. That would be awesome I would absolutely love it, even if we need to pay a bit more for it
  8. Any way to do it inside DCS with OGG files in a mod/folder or something like that ?
  9. Hello, With my team we are playing in the background a 40 songs playlist when we fly together. We are using triggers and OGG inside the miz. Problem, the miz file is 80mb.... which compression should I use in audacity for the best quality/compression ratio ? any way to store the sound files outside of the miz? In mods or sound somewhere ? To avoid the 80mb miz.... Thanks,
  10. Here's the mission file. I have no idea honnestly... Thanks for the hard work and the help https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15fxIv5qU51MG8SgcbSp9qViW3s1qOZFC?usp=sharing
  11. My mission using mist.teleportinzone was working flawlessly a few months ago, but now the units are not teleported and I get an error in the log with MIST : south_ossetia is not a country any idea ? The units are south Ossetian tanks 2020-12-20 22:09:28.327 ERROR SCRIPTING: MIST|1407: Country not found: usaf_aggressors 2020-12-20 22:09:28.328 ERROR SCRIPTING: MIST|1407: Country not found: south_ossetia If I use Russian units it works....
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