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  1. Hi men someone could post a screenshot in the F15 cockpit at take off position please? I would like to know how is the aniso with the 8800GTS in Lo (with my 7600 it's very bad it was really better with my old 9800Pro) And could we have the FPS indicator ON please ;-) Have a good night @+
  2. Hi neg for the last ED patch because it works here. Have a good night @+
  3. Hi, Ok i try to contact Pat01 ;-) It works for me and few others pilots so no reason ;-) Have a good day @+
  4. Hi, Have you installed the .NET Framework, what is your OS? This soft was dev under WinXP SP2. Have a good evening @+
  5. Hi men, I'm not sure but i think Pat01 has already make a prog as you want to make ;-) Try to d/l this on C6: http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=2773 Have a good evening @+
  6. Hi men In the RvE for to make a gunzo we try to use same time of fly in full AB at sea level so about 52% in F15 and 40% for Su27. Have a good day @+
  7. Hi men Wow it's a very good news for our next meet ;-) Yes it's a good a cool squad Have a good evening @+
  8. Hi men The only 1 way i have fine is to put a KC10 in the same package so the KC10 must make all of the fly with the AWACS i hope find another issue Have a good evening @+
  9. Hi men I would like create a long mission with awacs but acutally it's hard to know how many time the AWACS should be in flight same for the escort fighters so i don't know when send a new plane for escort again AWACS and when change Awacs. Is it possible to refuel AWACS? if yes how? i had try but i think i had the bad technic. Have a good evening @+
  10. Hey Curli (comment va?) gris=gray ;-) Have a good evening @+
  11. Hi The low AOA of the F15 in Lo (it seems about 10° of less than the real) is the second reason ;-) Have a good day @+
  12. Hi men The subject of this post is the G loc please open another for talk of BVR tactics and gunzo Good evening @+
  13. Hey men Yoyo you haven't understood he talked of gramms of Alcohol before blackout so it's a pretty good performance ;-) ok sorry i haven't can resist sorry :icon_redf Yoyo thx for these data but how know the reserve of our pilot? The best way sould be to have a sound of breath with a rythm faster or slower in function of tiredness you don't think? Yesterday i discuted with a real fighter pilot and he said me than at 7G he hasn't no "grey out" I hope he'll post here soon Good evening @+
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