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  1. Discord... aha. Sorry i will not participate in growing another facebook. Thats a dead end. Snowden was when? 5 years ago? 8 years maybe? And we had Browser-Wars... and before that Provider-Wars... Learning from the past should finally be a thing. Using centralized structures for communication is a very bad idea. Especially military interested people should know this.
  2. Could we get something like a status-update again without major complaints forcing razbam into a statement? Perhaps once a month or at least quarterly? I am coming back to the Harrier ever now and since because i like it for no good reason. Think it is the potential i see in it. If i understand it right it is now out of early access. Training Missions are partially broken... (Wheel Chocks) Or do not even exist (GBU54) Instruments /Switches are partially broken (CRS Switch) and the manual only exists... well... partially. (First three chapters which pretty much only show the
  3. Windows Clock? Not really? Could you please start support *any* other OS? Literally everything is better than this crap in 2020. Edit: works. thanks.
  4. Downgraded to and it is working again. Surprisingly auto-login is still working perfectly fine even after following all the tips above which seem to try to delete the autologin stuff. Now i am logging out manually and try to update again. Will see what happens...
  5. Well. Performance will tell you the truth. If windows had a joice it would run best on a 50ghz dual core. As it stands today cores are counting up to more than two. The line between servers and pcs are getting thinner. There is a reason why amd has a tool to artificially redure the prozessor cores that windows can see. I did quiet some testing and got a few games in my library running with more frames on linux than windows. Even with the help of wine this tendency is seeable. As for me i am one of this guys running high end hardware. And i have absolutely no interest in sacrificing
  6. Hi, whenever i fire a LMAV it stops moving forward after a few hundred meters and falls to the ground. Not even trying to point towards the exact direction. Even in the training mission for the LMAV it is broken in that way. IR-MAV works perfectly fine. As even the training uses a JTAC i am sure it is not my fault. Checking laser code. Uncage. Aim. MasterArm. Fire. Even i can do this :-) Distance to target: tried 8 to 0.5 miles. Already uninstalled/reinstalled the module. Effect: zero.
  7. Count me in. Would even pay again for all my modules. Hack. It is for DCS on Linux. Name a price.
  8. Hi, have not posted too often here. But this is triggering me. A few days ago i AARed for the first time. It took me about 1.5 fuel tanks... no idea how many hours... in two sessions to figure it out... more or less. I have no idea if this is good, bad or average. But what i learned is - forget curves and forget spring tension. Especial curves are a unpredictable crutch that drove me crazy after fife minutes. Use a stick extension. If you look down the cockpit of your fancy... Hog/Hornet/Harrier... you will notice that the stick is... what... half a meter long? All to the bottom of y
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