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  1. I can reset the system back to normal by reducing speed below 200K and flaps set to half and back to auto (gear down and up if needed) and this works for a check trim warning reset also.
  2. Hello. I can confirm it is no longer experienced in the M-2000C which i own. In the Harrier not sure but i believe it is. Thank you for fixing it.
  3. Guys from my point of view there is an issue with radars of all modules i believe (F-16 - M-2000 - F-18 tested) and it happened after the last update with the jammer addition (not hotfix) It is just more profound in the hornet visually because of it's radar mechanics. I'm really struggling to spot a contact normally with the modules at distances above 40 NM. Guys report this to bugs section, i did report for the F-16 but no other forum member did reply about it so it passed unnoticed ..
  4. It is also broken in Worlds apart campaign and some other maps.
  5. It is like the i cannot select contacts at times. I will have to extend my testing.. sorry for disturbing if not a problem.
  6. Hello. I have a track about it but i think it does that on all aircrafts (F-18 - Mirage) after the last update (not Hotfix) Can anyone confirm? F-16 Radar Contats.trk
  7. Hello. I am trying to navigate to Tacan stations with no luck, it is not working at all. I cant even finish Baltic Dragons Red Flag 1st Mission which requires Tacan Navigation. TCN.trk
  8. Guys it is fixed in Mirage. I hope it is normal in this bird also.
  9. Guys i posted a video in bugs section about it.. The hud pitch ladder moves wrongly when i a side slip (eg. Rudder inputs) and high roll angle. It does that on the Mirage also.
  10. Hello. The HUD pitch ladder misbehaves when in high roll angle and rudder inputs. Mirage-2000 does that also.
  11. Hello again. Problem still persists after it is reported as resolved. From what i can see there is a general problem with the HUD behavior. Harrier does that also. How come you reported it resolved while it still behaves this way?
  12. Hello again. As i can see you transfered the post to the resolved bugs but after testing again the bug is still present and as you can see it does that on the Harrier also. Here's the link for the Harrier: https://youtu.be/-vNfKfajx-U These modules are very very good to have a defect like that. can you fix it?
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