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  1. Thanks Cobra, I didn’t even know that the Viggen didn’t have PBR! Excited to see how it turns out!
  2. Cool, happy to see its on the list. Sad to see it’s been years since the last update on it. Missed the part where Iron Mike said it would be out hopefully before April! Awesome. I have faith in heatblur though. Love the team.
  3. Some one recently made a mod for the Harrier to give the harrier a more matte and less glossy look. I’d love to see something similar to the Viggen as sometimes it can look too shiny and flat. Here’s the Reddit post. Would it be possible to get something like this for the Viggen?
  4. ok thanks, I tried searching for it in the forums and google and nothing came up about it that I was able to find.
  5. I thought you were joking at first, but it actually does appear to be in meters when I ran a conversion. Is this intended? And if it is, why in holy hell would it be ?
  6. Has there been any updates on this front? I'd like to see something to. The visual feed back of it actually working adds immersion to what you are doing. Sorry for necroing an old post.
  7. I've noticed a couple times that when I drop the glide bombs, they accelerate to like 650 knots at very low altitudes after being dropped around 350 knots. This seems rather odd to me. Maybe its normal, but it doesn't make sense for a glide bomb to break the sound barrier without propulsion to push through the transonic drag region. I don' currently have a track, I usually just play MP.
  8. Hey all, I currently have a warthog hotas, but it doesn't feel very good to use with rotorcraft. The tendency for the warthog grip to want to stay centered (not sure what the technical term is) just makes it feel bad to make small adjustments. Almost like there's a center detent. I'm guessing an extension would help with this somewhat. Anything else I could do besides buying a new base? If not, what are some good bases for flying helos?
  9. I've actually found in the F14B the targets NEVER correlate perfectly while they do in the F14A regardless of a good INS alignment. I'll see if I can reproduce it.
  10. I can't seem to find a way or any guides about creating PP Targets expect using the F10 Map. Is there anyway around this? Most online servers don't have ground units visible on the map so it makes this F10 map basically useless for this.
  11. I was trying to drop GBU12/54s in CCRP and when I'd select CCRP Master Mode I'd get the bomb fall line for the GBU-12 for about 1-2 seconds before it would show up as CCRP Invalid. It would also show up for the GBU54 but still gives me a launch region and I could still release one. Just before using the GBUs, I was trying to use the APKWS rockets in CCRP and it would do the same thing and give me CCRP Invalid after a 1-2 seconds. My TGP is set as SPI and I would be within 15nm of the target. Not sure what's going on here.
  12. Maybe the black shark 3 will have full integration being a newer model. Speaking of, when are we sopped to get that?
  13. Thanks. I was afraid of that... kinda crazy they wouldn’t make them communicate with each other in the real aircraft.
  14. I’m trying to change my waypoint to fly to a different point other than my initial starting point but I can’t select anything other than WP1. I’m using a custom drawn flight plan that I make on the ABRIS, but it seems like non of the waypoints I create are selectable on the PVI-800. Do only waypoints set in the mission editor work?
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