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  1. Hi, there is any plans to add visual GPU and External air supply
  2. A-10C II from steam to standalone Hi, I have the A-10C from standalone a long time ago, is it possible to buy A-10C II upgrade from steam and then bind it to the standalone? Like I did with other modules that I bought on steam and then bind them to standalone
  3. Can we get a list of what are the missiles, bombs and pods that are we going to get?. I wish razbam develops AGM-130 and GBU-15, Harpoon and Slam-er, LANTIRN, Sniper, JSOW, etc.
  4. Hi, don't know where else to ask this. My problem with the camera (PS3 Camera) is that the Hertz are bouncing from 50ish to 15ish all the time thus making the track jumping and stuttering, Already tried playing with the gain and exposure but doesn't work. Thanks
  5. Haven't seen anything about the TARPS for so long, is this feature still being worked on?
  6. Another thing that I noticed is that I was flying at some towers height altitude and F2 camera said I was at 100 meter:huh:, I don't know if it is wrong or it measures altitude from sea level. (Btw the city was close to senaki airbase)
  7. I feel like dcs world altitudes are kind of wrong, for example, the F2 camera bar that shows your speed, altitude, bearing, AoA, etc. Says (100 Meters) and it feels like you are going at 30/50ish meters. Other example, when you fly at 10000 Meters (30000ft) it doesn't feel like 10000 Meters, feels way lower compared to other sims. Any thought about this?:huh:
  8. Thanks man! Happy to hear that, btw where do you find the discord server
  9. Yes, especially if we are going to have the super standard, it was used from land and not from the carrier ARA 25 de Mayo
  10. As the title says, does anybody know if we are going to have some argentinians coast in the south Atlantic terrain? I think that it must have some Argentinian coast so we can simulate realistic scenarios in the Falklands war
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