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  1. Admiral, if the models are close enough, you could just change the textures to make the new ship. I wish ED Did this for one of their carriers so we could make the Nimitz, Dwight, and a Vinson that doesnt look like garbage lol.
  2. Hey Admiral, the missing texture is likely a roughmet or normal map. you dont need high detail of either, but they help bring a LOT of life to models.
  3. Okay, when I heard USS Constellation and USS America, I totally expected CVs -64 and -66 lol. Miscommunications aside, those are looking good.
  4. Hey, Admiral! If the "Connie" mentioned was the USS Constellation, that would be fantastic to see. I've seen Big-E mentioned, but I have not seen the USS JFK. Those two (Enterprise and Kennedy) are my personal votes, but If you can find a good model for the early Nimitz class (CVNs -68, -69, and -70), that would be fantastic. If you wanted to add the lights, it would be great, but if not, a Generic model to handle all three ships would be just as good, I think.
  5. So @Admiral189does this mean we will need to redownload your ships for them to work ingame?
  6. For a USN Hornet, circa 2005 ish, its missing the MBU-20 oxygen mask. the one we have on the jet right now looks to be an MBU-14, and I have a cruise video from 2001 showing that Hornets definitely had the MBU-20. There is probably some technicality with transition periods, but id love to see an argument, similar to how we have the JHMCS or standard visor, implemented for the mask.
  7. Funny you mention this. I have 2 packs in development right now. CVW-9, on their 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom cruise, and after that is finished, I will resume work on my other pack, CVW-3 on the maiden cruise of the USS Harry S Truman. Past that, I don't have any specific plans, but these two will take quite some time.
  8. Bill, what era of VAQ-130 do you intend to do? it would make me very happy if you did the 2000-2001 cruise lol
  9. @mani.zaeimhttps://discord.com/channels/547961984658833408/693981721204621362/808502109036871711 That is a message link that explains what happened to them. They were removed from the community vote pool to prevent double voting.
  10. @mani.zaeimHB chose the liveries to be a part of the base release, and there is a community vote to decide a favorite. That winner will receive a free module, I believe. and to address your "while they didn't participate in voting", every single livery here was in the LAG discord.
  11. All I know is that the final deadline is January 28th. So, without a doubt, the winners will be picked sometime after then lol. Aside from that, I have no clue.
  12. Hawkeye, Im a little confused, what has been changed in this update?
  13. Gypsy 100, BuNo 162916 F-14B with VF-32 Swordsmen on the 2000-2001 maiden deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman Includes custom cockpit BuNo, patches and helmet, a custom Lantirn pod, grey AG munitions (textures by Eagle Dynamics), and fuel tank, as well as a tweak to the leading edge of the tail. Download link (Will also be posted to user files)
  14. Nickel 100, BuNo 159428 F-14A with VF-211 Fighting Checkmates during the 2001-2002 Operation Enduring Freedom deployment. Includes custom Lantirn pod, helmets, flight suit, 3 different possible fuel tanks, and the grey variants of weapons (textures done by Eagle Dynamics), as well as tweaks to the tail's panel lines, and custom normal and roughmet work to remove the exterior reinforcement panels, which are usually inaccurate for A models (I say usually because it seems that every BuNo was different, and I could not find a true standard). Download link (will be posted to the user files)
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