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  1. Interesting article about the Su-33 (one of my favourite DCS planes - magnificent!): https://eurasiantimes.com/why-is-moscow-upgrading-su-33-fighter-jets-that-proved-complete-disaster-for-both-russia-and-china/
  2. Hi, I think there is a problem for some. I had done everything correctly - trying to access the upgrade from the module manager within open beta......only presented with the full price module. I migrated all my steam purchases to DCS earlier in the year - in the end I bought the module at the special rate in Steam tonight, and then imported that licence into DCS. I'm surprised there aren't lots of people experiencing the same problem. Mike
  3. Hi, Not available for me - in the module manager I only get the module offered at full price. I did migrate all of my purchases from Steam earlier in the year, maybe this is the complication. Although I would expect more people to be having issues if this were the case. Attempt was made in Beta version ( Shame.
  4. Derby2P

    Strictly Visuals

    I was thinking just last night when looking backwards in the A10C how cool it would be for there to be condensation in the engine intakes.
  5. HUD is definitely much improved. I'm still finding the sun can make the DDIs very difficult to read. Obviously affects gameplay......but I wonder what the visibility is like in the real-life situation?
  6. Hi - that dial is one of the controls I have struggled to find a use for - and agree it's a nicely placed dial with a good feel. I have tried in the past to bind it to zoom in/out but could never get it to work very well. Are you binding to "Num /" and "Num *"? Or are you using the fast zoom in/out? When I try this it just goes to either extreme with one click. Would be good to get this working acceptably for zoom as that would be very useful. Also, would be interested to hear what you've used the two dials on the right throttle for? I'm still experimenting, but currently have the top one p
  7. No - can't remember what I paid for FC3 now.......but think around £30. I've had my money's worth out of that game 100 times over now and continue to use most of the a/c regularly. Cheers.
  8. There's loads of user-created missions for free download.
  9. Just to conclude this thread. In the end I spoke to Amazon and they sent me a replacement.....which works OK (accepting the many quirks that come along with the controller!). The stick has lots of slop (plans to remove this are afoot) and the throttle friction adjuster broke instantly, despite being very careful knowing it was a common part to fail. Shame they can't up the quality control a bit. Burt - no this is the X56, I think the Pro is the previous version. I can't comment on that as I have no experience of it. Thanks.
  10. Personally I think this game is the finest game I've ever played. I found an Atari 2600 game (Sky Skipper) in the loft the other year and it was priced up at £24.99 (GBP) - this would have originally been purchased by my parents in Asda around 1982, so a significant amount of money for a few levels of play. I've mentioned in a previous thread where as a teen I would play the likes of FA-18 Interceptor on the Amiga in complete awe of the graphics for hours on end. Could anyone then actually believe we've got to where we are now!? My background is in electronics and programming, so I can
  11. Ahh - thanks. I see now, I fiddled with the gamma and can see the lights are lit up, just very dim.
  12. Hi, Since the latest update, the engine start lights on the SU-33 are no longer working for me. Thanks.
  13. I'm not sure how many US aeroplanes were ferried in that way. To the best of my knowledge, most were brought across on ships to Liverpool (and other ports no doubt) and assembled at various places in the UK. I live locally to BAE Systems Warton site, where I grew up watching test and development of the EE Lightning, Tornado and EAP/Eurofighter.......also lots of testing such as Nimrod, Harrier, Hawk etc. During WW2 Warton aerodrome was called BAD2 (Base Air Depot 2)....after the war it was purchased by English Electric for assembling and test flying the Canberra bomber - there are numero
  14. As mentioned above, the quality control is absolutely horrific. Shame really as its features and price are placed just right in my opinion for the casual flight simmer.
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