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  1. last patch made a 10 to 15% drop in performance
  2. I really can't understand the problem with water in 2.7. Water depends on lighting. In the video this is clear It may be strange because now we have a lot of cloud shadows See, water in 2.7
  3. It's like, I particularly prefer it a lot more now. For me she is much more real and beautiful PS: Gama 1.4
  4. I looked but I couldn't find the size that the Viper occupies on the HD. Can someone help me?
  5. Thanks ED This patch should be called 3.0
  6. As I said in another topic, it is another simulator. Clouds are the most striking, but lighting, water, explosion effects, etc., etc., etc. On top of that, a spectacular performance, the terrain is now fluid. Honestly, I don't know if I upgrade to another version. PS: I'm struggling with English.
  7. After hours and hours of testing and flying, I can say: Miracle. Wonderful textures, effects, water, occlusion. And all this with smooth, performance has improved a lot
  8. I'm thrilled .. There was a tear in his eyes, flying in the Caucasus, with a torrential rain and suddenly the weather opened ... THANK YOU ED
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