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  1. no, but you can fast foward to skip the boring parts after clicking the View Replay button at the end of the flight, I think it won't break the track file
  2. Is it possible somehow to change to the RIO seat from the pilot seat in multiplayer like in singleplayer?
  3. it was the Dolby Atmos overlay, I couldn't have figured it out by myself, thank you!
  4. If I check both (I mean if Game Avionics and Game Flight modes are turned on) it vanishes. If they're unchecked it shows that cross for some reason. I haven't made any changes either in the install or in the settings, it just started to show up few days ago and I can't figure out why
  5. I have absolutely no idea what is this thing, and why it keeps appearing on my screen. My install is completely clean. Picture
  6. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Solo Display
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