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  1. Ye I wish, they are shooting much more and have much more hipoints now it looks like, I just managed to kill them, but it was a nightmare and have no ammo left and nothing works on the chopper I'm shoot to pieces, lucky to be able to fly. Edit: I managed to hoover with the damaged helo and make my way back to the Argo with some dead-reckoning since no nav instument was working any more. It was my 8th try finally over
  2. The speedboats are VERY accurate. I got blasted out of the sky instantly 5 times now ... I was able to kill the first 1 once, but I had no bullet left to even try the 2 after that. The accuracy and hitpoints of the enemy speedboats needs to be lowered. Very frustrating, do not want to skip the mission.
  3. Open Beta Mission 7 is stuck at the factory, I looked around with ctrl+F11 but found no alive enemy yet my commandos do nothing , they are just standing around after the initial fight, never got any of the messages , going in trying to escape ect ect. :(
  4. Ye this would be cool. I know how to hot load a mission lua with a F10 radio message, I wonder what would happen if I call a unit lua there. You can find several tutorials how to do it in mission editor with mission files.
  5. I started learning Blender a few weeks ago when I realized the exporter exists I'm working on some random things as practice
  6. Y is forward Z is up, X is to the right Y point 45 degrees up. As I said Harpoons launch fine, but the Tomahawks are pointing towards the +x for a few frames as they spawn, then they jump into the correct orientation as they launch. So it is just the initial spawn orientation that is wrong not the launch itself.
  7. I have connectors placed in my model with their Y axis pointing the right way. If I attach a missile model to it in the model viewer they all point in the right direction. But in game just after launch they are 90 degrees turned for a few frames then they pop into the right position. I was playing around the units lua file trying to figure out these parameters: GT.WS[ws].omegaY GT.WS[ws].omegaZ GT.WS[ws].pidY GT.WS[ws].pidZ GT.WS[ws].reference_angle_X GT.WS[ws].reference_angle_Y GT.WS[ws].reference_angle_Z With not much luck. Also strange if my launcher uses harpoons th
  8. Hi, I need some help if anyone knows how to do this. I have a unit that can fire 4 missiles in quick succession then needs to reload then it can fire again, it has 12 missiles total, and after that it should not get more. So the sequence I want to get to it is: fire-2sec- fire-2sec-fire-2sec-fire-2sec-60sec fire-2sec- fire-2sec-fire-2sec-fire-2sec-60sec fire-2sec- fire-2sec-fire-2sec-fire-2sec-empty I played around with the variables: reactionTime launch_delay shot_delay ammo_capacity portionAmmoCapacity reload_time But I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Is t
  9. It was not it, but I finally figured it out!! yay :D For objects to show up at the proper place in DCS in blender the bone have to be set "Relative Parenting" In pose mode select a bone other then the main bone go to the Bone properties and under Relations just under the Parent name there is the flag, it was off from me on all my bones, dunno why. I hope it helps if others run into this problem.
  10. I'm afraid the answer is yes.
  11. Thx for the video. My example is even simpler ,2 objects, 2 bones. But my objects are already created, I add bones later. I parented my objects, the moved the 2nd bone to its place and made the keyframes. That is it. The one thing I noticed what is really different in your video is the way you created the bones. You added them as connected and used the option to disconnect them. I used the add menu to add the 2nd bone already not connected to the first. I'll give a try to your method. Edit: I played around with it a bit more , and I think I figured out what I messed up, at one point I
  12. Ah the tool works nice but I'm running into a problem. I'm animating a turning ship screw, I added a 2nd bone and animated it to turn, that all wokrs fine, but the location is wrong in model viewer and in game, the propeller moves back inside the center of the model (origin point) What is the proper workflow to make sure other objects and bones in the model appear in game where they should ?
  13. If you check the textures use for the Tico in Model Viewer, the names are also constructed from a texture atlas, containing the abc letter, they are not fixed textures as far as I can tell, same with the number, the problem is the argument 66 drives an animation as far as I can tell, and this means the text and number is predefined (constructed) inside the edm file . So I can't do much :( Have not checked the Burke more closely yet. Edit: and idea come to me while writing this, this is a hack, but what one could try, is to make a new livery , copy the names and numbers textures and just r
  14. Yes but only a some predefined numbers are available, it is controlled by the argument 66, like an animation. But I want to add more stepes to it to have more number and names, without the need of new textures. But I'm afraid this is all defined inside the .EDM model, and if that is the case I cant access it. The EDM plugin for Blender cant import, and I don't have 3D max :(
  15. Ye that is a solution, but I want to avoid creating actual textures, since they already exist. I want to use the default texture and numbers already in the default files. (the atlas that is uses fort he current numbers have all numbers from 0 to 9, same with the letters a to z)
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