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  1. V1015 is now on the User Files site which has options for Inverted axes, X Saturation, and Deadzone changes on the spreadsheet version (still learning to code so that I can update the software version as well - Coming Soon). I've also added a Google Sheets link to the download so spreadsheet software is no longer required to use that version and also ensure the new options are available to all. Do note that a Google account is required and you will need to use the "Make a Copy" feature in order to customize the calculator to find your custom User Curves. Please feel free to reach
  2. Hey bud!

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      Hey Juice! Fancy seeing you here 😄

  3. Thanks a bunch - haven't had a chance to catch up on all the posts since release so apologies for the repetition. Too busy flying the Goshawk I guess
  4. Loving this mod! Fantastic work by the VNAO team. Hoping to use it to get more folks in to try it out - is there a way to bind throttle increase/decrease to buttons or keyboard keys? I didn't see them in the bindings by default, but it's how I usually set up planes with an Xbox controller if I'm trying to map it for someone with no Hotas access.
  5. @LanceCriminal86understandable! It's a good line of reasoning but the way DCS auto-smoothes its curves (put one at 100 and the next at 50 and see how it overshoots then corrects), it can end up making situations strange to adjust only one point when we're talking about only one or two percent differences. Also worth noting that with the detent at 26 it's kind of in the no-man's-land between the 20 and 30 sliders, so if just doing singular adjustments to the sliders I'd recommend alternating movements between the two instead of just sticking to one. Hope that's good to
  6. @zildacGlad to hear it's back to being bang-on for you! Could not have done it without your help on how inverted and idle detent things were set up, so thank you again! Any other issues please let me know! @LanceCriminal86 Thanks for the kind words and detailed post! Strange issue - I've tested it with the newest patch and the A/B location for the F-14 hasn't changed, so the curves should be accurate if your detent location is in fact 26. Is this detent set up for both left and right throttles, and do both throttles equally touch off burners in this way? If there's a lot of "trav
  7. @zildac Took a bit longer than I intended, but here's the latest rework! Absolutely no rush but if you have a chance to test it out feel free. I believe the idle deadzone issue will still exist based on how the Virpil deadzone exist - I can only unfortunately work with what DCS gives me on that front . The latest version has a Saturation and a Deadzone input. Short explanation is that deadzone will always remove from the left side of the graph, while saturation will always affect the right side of the graph. One thing to try may be finding your "DCS" value of the idle dete
  8. @zildacGlad to hear it! I'll keep fine tuning now that I know I'm back on track and hopefully get you right on-lock for that detent again. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have a new version of the sheet to break horribly test. I think the last thing I need to know would just be making sure I understand the idle/off detent. It's set up in the VPC software to use a "range" of the axis to fire the "off" button, right? Do you set that range in the software using a percentage of the throttle axis? (For example: 0-5% range = Hold "End" or a similar setup?) Or are there already p
  9. @zildacthank you much! I think I see the cause of the issue and hope I have a path forward to fix it. As a pseudo workaround to test my theory, you can try these curves with the "Inverted" box in DCS checked as needed, and a Deadzone of 4, with X saturation 100: 0 10 21 31 41 51 62 72 82 91 100
  10. @zildac thank you so much for the detailed post - I don't believe I expected DCS to change some values based on what it perceives the "positive" side of axis to be and that's what's causing the issue (might just have to see if I can invert my throttle to test it more thoroughly myself ). In short the curve isn't actually following the basic direction I thought it would. To help make sure I'm tracking, would you mind providing the following? Be warned I fully do not expect these changes to make the curves usable - head to a plane you don't use much and assign your thr
  11. @zildac Thank you for the kind words! Congrats on the throttle upgrade - had I realized that the CM3 was an inverted axis I'd taken extra steps to include it earlier . Better late than never though - hopefully I can get you back to perfect tunings in no-time. If possible, can you and @j9murphygive this spreadsheet version a trial (and any other users who would like an inverted or saturation-limited option)? It's currently a "working copy" so please take care to only adjust the highlighted "input" cells, but all planes should be set to function correctly with it. If you want the
  12. As-is the sheet does not account for this setup. Just doing some quick testing now that I'm back from weekend travels, I believe I could modify the Excel file to account for these more niche options. Getting around to making and testing the formulas for it may take me a few days with my current schedule however, but I'll get to it when I can and let you know. Thanks for the idea and interest! @BlackLibraryThank you very much! Glad to hear it's a hit with the wingmen too! @Faelwolf Thank you for the kind words! It's this sort of multi-module adjustment I was ho
  13. @stag1978Thank you for checking it out, and glad you found it helpful! One of my favorite parts of the tool is that now that I have the formula all set, it should be an equally short amount of time to set up a new plane in the system. Now I just need some more afterburning planes to get released in order to prove it!
  14. Glad to hear you had a great time (and that the spreadsheet got some love )! Thank you for the feedback on the readme as well - I definitely considered trying to shorten it to more "bullet-point" steps, but given how critical that detent location number is I didn't want folks to rush it. Maybe worth taking another look though when I get some time. Also, just as a quick follow-up to your second post - I have tested and confirmed that Google Sheets works when uploading the spreadsheet from the download. In case anyone else was wondering, that should be a perfectly valid way to use the u
  15. Good point! I'm still terribly green in the Viggen so hadn't noticed the external effects on the tape player yet. I'm not sure where I'd ultimately fall on the EQ on/off divide if given the choice, I just found it strange that it had such different behavior between the two - wasn't sure if it would eventually change.
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