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  1. +1 Absolutely agree with this one, it makes no sense the way it is now!
  2. I agree with most of the stuff mentioned above. Me as a very dedicated and thankful user would be ok with a higher fixed price or a subscription-based amount for DCS to be a polished, finished and optimized program. Actually, you can see dcs as a pseudo professional program. But probably under funded to reach these professional status and expectations. A lot of its users expect professional quality given the nature of the branch and the complexities it goes with this. A lot of professional software is (sometimes insanely!) expensive (protools, Cubase, final cut, premiere, photoshop.... prepar3
  3. It is a great addition to dcs and revolutionary in sim aviation history. This might be the ultimate argument to fly dcs as no other platform is offering this. And...it works! Great work ED!
  4. That’s great! And to be honest... rightly so as your mod clearly lifts the module to the well deserved bigger heights! About my issues of installing it...I’ll wait for version 2.0????. Thanks for your work!
  5. Hello, I'm impressed by the upgrade it is in comparison with the original (youtube reference). I do have a problem however. I installed the 2 folders in the stable version in their respective submaps (c-eagle dynamics-DCSWorld-Mods/Coremod-...). But the sounds are very uneven and it appears that I hear the original as well. Is their a cause with the stable version?
  6. So glad someone took this iniative to post a topic that bundles our expressions of gratitude and bring out the positive vibe/feelings it deserves. As a military aviation lover this sim truly is a dream come true. I hoop ED keeps getting the motivation and funds it needs/deserves to fuel their productivity in making this legendary military flightsim.
  7. Yes, the realistic Hotas is so cool. It is the part were you feel like you’re flying the real deal. I love to keep this part as realistic as possible. With dcs we get this option. Furthermore, in the state that the f18 is now it can be flown realistically with real in-depth features and capable of flying almost all the roles it was intended to be flown... Although some features like hud tgp indicator and ground mapping radar are my personal highest ranked features that needs finishing. But boy, this is such a cool module (and others as well....)! I thank dcs daily in my mind that we have th
  8. Aha, thanks! I’ll have a good look at this. One more question. If I choose to stay in the stable version, will I get the updates in a week, month or even a year? On average how long does the stable version lay behind the open beta? If it is just a matter if weeks I prefer to stay in stable version. Thank you for your time. Wiwa
  9. Ok, sorry about my log pollution for this thread! I thought wrapping around my log would somehow make it more compact...
  10. Thank you for you reply. Much appreciated. Excuse me for my ignorance...were do I get this log? If I choose to stay on beta does this mean I wil get the update in a later stage, like in a few weeks? I thought basic updates for early acces planes are updated frequently, also on stable. But apperently I’m a bit confused in how the stable vs open beta works. I just installed the game from the ed webside and installed all my purchases...
  11. Hello, I looked up several methods online...no succes. 1. Tried via normal automatic game startup. Doesn’t update 2. Tried via windows start/eagle dynamics/update dcs world. Doesn’t update 3. Tried via c/program fileseagle dynamics/dcs world/bin/dcs_updater.exe. Doesn’t update So I’m stuck on v2.5.5.39384. I always get the same message: The installed version is up to date... Very frustrating!! I don’t have any mods...because i don’t won’t installation problems...ironic isn’t it? Can anybody help? Thanks im advance Wiwa
  12. After another flight and taking into account all of the above, everything worked as advertised. Thanks!
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