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  1. Yeah, your mod gave me a boost in FPS in beta but I still see more FPS in the stable version without any shader mod compared to the beat with the mod. Cheers :joystick:
  2. But and I just thought of that: My FPS in beta go under 40 FPS for around 75-90% of the time with the same settings as compared to stable where I just don't see FPS under 40. So for me at least I will stay on stable for the time being. Although I miss the Channel Map and I would love to see this map in stable and how it performes. Cheers :joystick:
  3. Yeah, I know that it not really makes a difference when using ASW. But as I said stable feels also better than beta in general and for me I think it is better to have more places where it runs at full 80 FPS which is the case in stable compared to beta. Cheers :joystick:
  4. Yeah, that was my mistake! And here are my personal conclusions (yet again :lol:) from testing today in the stable version (non-Steam and in VR using Rift S): Way better performance overall. 15-40 FPS more than compared to beta+shader mod! And I tested kegetys version for (latest compatible version for up to date DCS stable version) which gave me not really that much of a boost - actually I couldn't "really" see a difference in FPS (there is some but maybe max 5 FPS more). In that case I decided to go without the shaders mod (looks better too as we all know). And
  5. Hello there! So now I can say that, yes, stable version gives me deffinetely more performance. And I have to say I am getting like 15 up to 40! mor FPS. So with that said, I am gonna stay on stable. But I have a problem with the shader mod: it won't work, not the kegetys version and neither your one speed-of-heat. The following compiling error comes up no matter what version I tried. And yeah, I always do a repair after it is not working. Anybody can help? (I mean I am happy with the performance in stable - but even more FPS? WHY THE HECK NOT!) Cheers :joystick:
  6. Ground Radar too? So no green screen for me :megalol: The p-47 is only on the beta branch that I do know. Two things I can live without if the performance is better. But everything under 10 FPS more and I am back in beta ^^ Cheers and thanks man! :joystick: edit: oh yeah, still downloading
  7. edit: will test the stable version and will report back! Nevermind. I am downloading the stable version right now and using the non-steam version. With this I can have both versions and can see for myself what's eventually missing and what not. Cheers :joystick:
  8. I know this is a little bit off-topic: But can you tell me what I would miss in the stable version from the beta one? Any significant modules that wouldn't function anymore (besides The Channel map which if I recall correctly is only in open beta right now)? Would love to be able to play with the F/A-18, Tomcat, and some WW2 warbirds (p-47 is beta too, right?). Cheers :joystick:
  9. What frames are you getting in vr on the channel map? Especially the instant action free flights? Cheers :joystick:
  10. Hey there! Did a lot of testing yesterday and my conclusion is that DCS is definetely more CPU bound than GPU bound. No matter the setting I use, one of the most important one is "Visible Range"! Everything else seem to have no to very less effect when it comes to FPS. How I got to this conclusion? Just a simple change in PD down to 0.5 gave me just like 10-15 frames more which seems in my eyes to be not normal since every other game will work absolutely flawless if you set the PD to half with almost all settings pushed to the max and I can be certain to reach constant 80 FPS with a PD of
  11. Yes! See last couple of post. Cheers :joystick:
  12. Just to let you guys know: I did a new post in the "Game Performance" section. Let's hope that someone from ED is reading it. Here is the link: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=278468 Cheers :joystick:
  13. Tested again and with the clear water and IC-pass version everything works as intended! Cheers
  14. Shadows get casted multiple times Just wanted to get a lot of attention to this seemingly and obvious bug: Shadows getting casted all over the place. For reference please see here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=277805 This one could be potentially our FPS bug we all have and that the FPS in general is just bad! Tested with latest beta Cheers:joystick:
  15. Does it work for anybody on the latest Beta I got a error again with failing to compile some shaders. Cheers Edit: deleting shaders folder and verifying files right now. Will test again after that verifying is completed.
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