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  1. This has been fixed by ED internally and is scheduled for next update.
  2. +1 I agree 100% with Whurst1. Sometimes I notice Waypoint 1 moving fast and out of control so I select Data and see WP 1 moving on the map. Then jiggle the throttle mini-stick and get the Waypoint to stop moving, place it back to where it should be and return to normal.
  3. Thank you for the work on the new manual. Downloaded the excerpt, good read and very much welcomed!
  4. In several custom missions my wingman has taxied into takeoff position on the Tarawa but has not departed after I takeoff. This happens in takeoff from ramp (cold or hot). I have found 3 ways to work around this problem- 1. Lower weight of wingman to VTOL amount (approx 20,000lbs) and set to takeoff from runway. He then follows me after a VTO. 2. Set all wind values to zero in the ME, he then operates normally and follows me after an STO. Or #3. After I takeoff I call the Tarawa and request "Inbound", the wingman then unsticks (lowers flaps and applies power) and takes off normally. JD test AI Wingman.trk
  5. Good post Ted, totally agree. After many years with Lock On and descendants, I just assumed I would be 100% Super Carrier and Hornet. Imagine my surprise when I became totally hooked on the Harrier and Marine type missions. Exclusively AV8 for months now! Totally obsessed with setting up FARPS and surprising the enemy, what could be cooler? So glad RAZBAM is continuing support.
  6. Hey DimSim, I noticed this also when coming back to the Harrier. The AFC used to solidly engage and trim your aircraft even with a bomb dropped from one side. Now it is very finicky about engaging. I did find one remedy - Use the AFC with flaps in AUTO (Cruise mode seems to make the engagement very sensitive).
  7. Thank you Gizzy and shagrat that is good information, much appreciated. Saved me a clean and repair on my favorite module.
  8. Hi, is anyone having this problem? Map display is fine, for example 30 miles from TACAN 1X. However HUD display will be wildly off (135,300 changing rapidly).
  9. Here also. I have no mods or additions in my install.
  10. Same here with Windows 10 pro. Also clicking on middle (favorite) tab causes it to blank out other choices. I tried overwriting folders and files with an older version. This made some things work but other new things break.
  11. So glad I found this thread, almost deleted all my missions. When I created a new mission it did not have the trim problem but that was only because there was no wind it it, I had no idea until reading this post.
  12. +1 / Ch FighterStick here and find a similar situation with the wheel. Tied elevation is an excellent suggestion.
  13. GTX 980 here. My microstutters were eliminated by selecting Alt-Enter on the keyboard while in game. This is widely known but just wanted to include it for anyone new and having problems.
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