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  1. hi, I tested AFN-2 few days ago without any success. all described errors still there.
  2. a lot of planes deserve its place :) we wont have another just for fun game but proper flight simulator so have to be veeeery patient ... i hurts but it is only way ....
  3. check DCS roadmap guys, 262 is there .. yes still moving to the later date but there is some movement. just pray more... :megalol:
  4. because of the size, usually you dont build a house for the simulator ( but I did :) )
  5. i guess: russian guys are bad guys again??? make it more like neutral ... no politics men.
  6. Well off map for now. But I am optimistic and hope this map will extend in the future. :) Otherwise mostly of missions, multiplayer especially, will be above water and that can be a Bit of boring. We will see.
  7. OK, just installed Channel map and my first impression after one hour in Spitfire is: - channel map is definitely smaller than normandy map, not just a bit - channel map has nicer buildings and environment feels better, more nice and feels more natural So the point now is where ED wants to go and as wrote above i guess Channel map is the way. In that case, looking for a London to be included and Duxford definitelly is a must.
  8. OMFG, great job. You must be 80 years old, it took a life to build :)
  9. You are probably right. I think for each pilot here it is important now to identify which map is going to be developed and extended in a future. I think Channel is the right one ...
  10. I have noticed that area is comparable. I don’t understand why this is splitted. Does it makes sense to unify both maps and achieve usual ED quality?
  11. Hi guys, What is the difference between Channel and Normandy map? Anybody here can compare? Thx
  12. One day I will stop to be lazy and do some pictures of me262 parts I have here at home and post it ...
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