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  1. Actually there is audio feedback from the crew but because we "are" a russian crew the feedback is in russian. Would they use a "blue" nation MI-8 for the campaigns(or tie the crew audio to the selected cockpit language) you would hear the guiding you in to the cargo, height of cargo above ground, cargo swings x meter left/right/front/back, x meter to drop zone.... If you know all that just ignore me. Sorry for crap flying, i didn't had my VR set up(1440p after YT processing)
  2. I opened the mission in the ME to fly it so i don't need to play the whole campaign to test that. As you said you had problems with pipes and logs i tried the pipes for testing. Because i had not much time i used time acceleration in the mission to get from A to B -> thats why i recognised my speed was at ~160km/h and the pipes swinging a little late but i slowed down, cargo stabilized itself and i could deliver it successfully. I used in game time acceleration to record the video so you can watch my speed and the cargo movement without getting bored, video should be 1440p after YT processi
  3. In case the track is not playing back correct i recorded the flight. I used time acceleration on route so you don't need to sit and watch the whole flight or skip over it but can see my speed and the movement of the cargo(F2 view). Video should be 1440p after YT processing:
  4. Crimea was populated(airfields, towns...)in LockOn and in DCS, but it was removed at some point in DCS.
  5. As far as i know Deka said they changed the new fency lights in cockpit(gear status, warning lights...)which were introduced to DCS a couple months ago to the older style. Personally i can't see any difference(i'm flying in VR) and i didn't noticed any major fps drop with the new lights(light test button) but the performance cockpit gives me less stuttering in VR. The JF-17 is one of the heaviest aircraft on my fps only sitting on the super carrier and looking at the isle is more demanding. There is a performance problem thread on page 2 of the bug section:
  6. I don't understand that part. "light cargos" -> the first(berrels) was 480kg and the second(ammo) was 1500kg -> 200kg heavier than the cargo in the campaign mission
  7. I had to shift me free time a little, so i could test some the last hour. First, your track isn't playing correct on my end: - cold start - taxi - takeoff - land at FARP - takeoff - bump into the parket truck - crash into a tree shortly after - no cargo was hooked at all I took a little video to show what i see at the FARP(not listed, will be 1440p after YT processing) Second, i renamed your .trk file to .miz and opend the mission in the ME. I altered the mission to shorten the time to test -> i placed the MI-8 at the FARP with the c
  8. Actually you don't need to. I thought this might be the problem why people having trouble with the chute while it works with rearm/refuel perfectly fine on my end(SP/MP). So i tried a rearm/refuel to get a new chute while the switched was still in the cut position -> after rearm/refuel finished and i got my new chute the switch was automatically flipped to the neutral position without any input on my side.
  9. I think this is the only DLC campaign i own, i will have a look this evening and try to reproduce the problem.
  10. Looks like the trigger to remove the trees is not working reliable. After looking into the mission in the ME and start it out of there again i also saw only trees at that outpost, very strange. EDIT: Started DCS again and started the mission on 2 different ways 6 times again and everything was working correct again, very strange!
  11. Which outpost do we talk here about? Do you have a screenshot(ME)? I kust tried that mission and had plenty space at all 3 outpost(+base). Spring Tension(the free campaign with the module) mission 1 where you fly around for documents and the supply run?
  12. Sorry to disappoint you but that is a 3rd party campaign which is copyright protected, i can't replay that track(i hoped it would work with DLC missions, never tried it) because i don't own that campaign, also renaming the .trk into .miz to try to see the weather settings doesn't work because of the same reason. Maybe someone who owns this campaign can step in? Does this only happen in that campaign? If yes you should maybe report that problem in the crew campaign DLC thread, if not could you post a non copyright protected example? Do you use any mods btw?
  13. I also tried it on MP 2 weeks ago, 3 chutes for the same JF-17 after 3 sorties/landings only rearming/refueling my plane and i wasn't the only one in the JF-17 doing exactly that, never shut down, never repaired. Do you use any mods? VR shader mod did the weirdest shit in the past and so did other mods. PS: ED and Devs need a track if you want to report a bug. EDIT: I just finished a little MP test. Guess what, it worked perfectly fine. Cold start -> chute -> rearm -> taxi to runway -> takeoff -> enjoy some flying -> landing -> rearmed chut worked
  14. There is an option for a "performance" version of the cockpit under the JF-17 special option tab, you could try it and see if it helps you. On my side, as soon as i lower the cockpit canopy my fps drop, even cold with no systems on(mfd, lights...), as soon as the canopy is lowered my fps drop.
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