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  1. +1 That was a nice surprise. I'm wondering(this is highly speculation!), with the mentioned "topics" radar, ecm, paratroopers in that story if this is a "teaser" of things to come/get improved in DCS?
  2. Why is this post edited but has not the "Edited x hours ago by xyz" tag at the bottom of the post? Or was the original post deleted? That sounded quite different a couple hours ago. You can toggle on/off the info bar in the cockpit view also. So if you have your FM "calibrated to the reference source" you can cross check the speeds from the Info bar to your instruments if they show correct values for the pilot to use for optimal performance.
  3. It was already said that the label is wrong and that this error in the english cockpit will be fixed for EA and some other label errors too. What Kerberos said is correct. Edit:
  4. Yes, it is the hot topic in that section. But many replies are like what? "...deleted xyv...worked...oh it is back...tried this....oh, didn't work....will try xyz...." Heck, i also posted there for comparison of my settings hoping it would help(but didn't). Don't get me wrong, like i said in my first post, it is not my intention to downplay this problem, maybe it is just a language thing but for me "widespread problem" = over 50% of user base has this problem and that is something i can't see! I can play for hours on same/different maps/missions/modules, no problems with crashes. M
  5. I don't want to downplay the problem but maybe because widespread is subjective? I had 2 problems with 2.7.x versions of DCS: - crashes with the F-14 because DCS failed to load F-14 related stuff - solved by deinstalling/installing the module again - black screen after patch - solved by deleting the options.lua file I never had crashes on second mission load/ switching airplane slots....i get it is annoying if you are affected by a bug, especially if it ends in a crash but i also don't see hundreds/thousands of people in that thread, that would be widespread IMHO. Again, i'm not
  6. Searched the forum but didn't find anything. I'm running the latest OB and inspired from a thread in the Mi-24 forum i tried to sink an OHP with an Mi-8. During the test it turned out that there is a bug with the LoD for damaged parts of the OHP superstructure, they get invisible. Loadout for the Mi-8 were 6 x S-8OFP2 rocket pods. OHP_LoD_damage.trk
  7. In RL? Forget it. In DCS? Bring a Mi-8 with 6 S-8OFP2 rocket pods, if you survive they have enough damage potential in DCS to sink an OHP and with 6 pods you have some rockets to spare for something else. BTW found a LoD bug for the OHP testing it
  8. From the August 7th 2020 newsletter: Short answer, yes
  9. Seing that the instrument was working at the end of the video means it is working, might not be working correct right now or Wags missed a switch.... I was just pointing out that the instrument worked later in the video. The mirror also catched my eye. Looks mlike the Mi-24 is not as pollished as some people hoped/wished for....it's fine for me, release tomorrow please.
  10. You're welcome, glad it helped at least a little. I don't know if you use VR, but i think it makes flying(heli or AAR) easier because you can "feel" the motion. Keep having fun.
  11. I really hope so! If the Youtubers (and the -group) don't get it a week prior to release we all can get it at the same time and enjoy it instead of watching competent and incompetent people messing around with it on YT.
  12. Not powered at that time? Have a look at them later in the video ~9:43. Release tomorrow?
  13. SP/MP, missions that come with the JF-17 or self build ones, Log files? Do you have any mods installed? I flew the JF-17 many times on Syria map(SP) including the latest DCS 2.7.1 OB and had no problems.
  14. Nope: But it might be weather/lighting dependant or different ammuntion?
  15. As far as i know there is no way to enable it because they are not the same type of recording - SP & MP tracks.
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