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  1. The bar is not literally, that is why i said "invisible" it is simply a way of doing this mechanic, or do you have another solution to measure fatigue in DCS? Yes indeed, my idea was for getting exhausted by pulling Gs for a long time, which would increase your fatigue and thus decrease the time it takes to black out. However, the system we have currently results in people being able to pull Gs for eternity by simply staying on that edge before it completely blacks out. This system would counter that. Also i see you asked about how to show the player that he is more or less fatigued, i feel like i answered already but will again, you could simulate it by bluriness, tunnel vision (that we already have), there are many ways to do this, see for example other games as a reference.
  2. You could try and use "zoom view" as well to simulate binoculars
  3. I would definitely be one of those people who would fly a C-130 from place to place to restock the guys that are doing the shooting part.
  4. Good points! I agree with the part where you questioned how we would be able to see how far in the "stamina" bar we are currently. My initial thought was to have a "stamina" bar on screen somewhere, but immediately walked away from that idea since well.. it would make the whole Sim feel a bit arcady. I need to think about that, i am not sure currently what would be a good way to show this to the player, it could be blurriness? The more fatigued you are, the more blurry the vision? Or have a tunnel vision which instead of black, would be grey? With the opacity increasing the lower you are on the scale. But i feel like you have some very good points, do we need this? I do not feel like it is something we really need atm, since the current implementation is indeed good, however, if possible i would love to see it in the future.
  5. The original idea has nothing to do with grinding levels, that has been brought up by Evan in a later comment. My idea was to simply supplement to what we already have, it does not have to be a drastic change but can be done pretty subtle. It simply prevents us from enduring sustained Gs for eternity, the values can be discussed, but again, i personally was not hinting towards a drastic change in where you would pass out within a few seconds, but simply finetune the current system with the addition of a "stamina" system. Good point about the AI though, the AI is being tweaked anyways if i recall correct, these changes could be applied to them as well. (well i say that, but i am no expert on AI i am not sure if it would be easy to replicate this behaviour)
  6. I agree that in this context "A multiplayer setting" it would be a bad idea, i tried to bring it in a bit of a more PC way hahah! But i do like your directness. When speaking about a MP setting, a lvl system like that would indeed drive people off, since the result will be that those who are already experienced and skilled will now even have a mechanic that would give them more advantage, while new people that are less skilled/experienced, will now have to deal with being out turned by higher level people who have a higher G tolerance. Indeed
  7. Ah wow! You want to bring it up a step haha! This almost sounds like a RPG kind of mechanic, where you level up your character over time, even though i do like it, i feel like that is something for a different topic. Also, this again would complicate things a lot in terms of development and the "how do we implement this" kind of conversations. But i do like it though!
  8. Ah i see! So you are speaking about, i believe it is called "G warmup?" If that is the case, that could potentially also be implemented, however i feel like it would complicate things, without adding much, but correct me if i am wrong.
  9. I agree with you as well, having this as a option that can be turned on for server owners, would keep everyone happy.
  10. Good point! I agree, the higher the Gs, the faster the "bar" drains. However, what the most efficient values would be, i can not say, i am sure some smarter people then me could fill that in hahah! That is why i said: "the amount of time needed, or values can all be discussed in here. "
  11. Hey guys! I just had a very interesting conversation with a couple of people on the DCS discord about implementing a system that would simulate the pilot fatigue resulted from pulling sustained Gs. To summarise this, a very global and broad idea: -Have a invisible "stamina" bar, which drains when pulling Gs, from lets say 3G up or more, and refills when not pulling Gs, the amount of time needed, or values can all be discussed in here. The lower the "stamina" bar, the faster you black out when pulling high Gs, besides that, some effects of lets say blurriness could also be implemented, the higher the "stamina" bar, the longer is takes to black out. I personally feel like such a system would greatly improve BFM and well, the whole flying experience, since it would force you to think before you do something, "Do i want to pull high Gs from the start to get a advantage?" "Do i want to play the long game and try to fatigue my opponent?" etc etc. Feel free to join in and brainstorm with me here, also, i am interested to hear your opinion on why, or why not this would be a good/bad idea.
  12. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic, however i feel like it is related to the weather. Simply said, a icing effect on the cockpit and/or aircraft would be amazing! From my limited knowledge, at least, the cockpit icing effects would not be to hard to pull of, i am simply conjecturing here, but a "simple" .dds texture file with a bit of coding that adjusts the opacity could do the job, obviously it is much more complex, but that is the basics of it. Have a icing texture with 0 opacity, mask it, whenever the temperature falls, turn the opacity up until it becomes more and more visible. There are most likely more efficient ways in doing this, but the point is, i assume it is not *that* hard to implement. It would add alot to the immersion! Giving the "anti icing" functions a job as well! Besides that, external icing could roughly be done in the same way, i assume. Please correct me if i am wrong, i never implemented anything like this myself, simply brainstorming atm.
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