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  1. In addition to the problem I have described in the post https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/268916-aircraft-edges-problem-when-the-aircraft-is-in-front-of-the-clouds/ I found another problem related to antialiasing settings. When I change MSAA or SSAA settings, after the mission load, the game crashes to the desktop. I have sent a bunch of error reports after the crashes. Sometimes, the game doesn’t crash, but the graphics became broken. After the mission load, the game looks like this: or this and this instead of this After the restart, g
  2. Does anyone have a problem with aircraft edges when the aircraft is in front of the clouds? Please see the provided screenshots. "Effect" is present on all types of aircraft I have tested (all FC3, F-18, MiG-21...) and it only disappears, when I set SSAA to x2, but then the FPS drops down drastically (from 60+ down to ~20 FPS)! I have provided the screenshot of my graphics settings too. I'm using NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card, and before 2.7 I haven't got this "effect" on aircraft edges.
  3. That was a problem! Thank you! I didn't wait for full INS alignment. Alignment took me ~8 mins to complete, but with "STD HDG" option enabled on the HSI MFD, time for the alignment is drastically reduced to ~1,5 mins! And a little update for my first post. Only BALT and RALT autopilot options had a problem if I take off without INS aligned.
  4. After I do a cold startup (as it is described in the tutorilal), autopilots are not working. When I press A/P button I get labels ATTH, HSEL, BALT and RALT, but when I click on the appropriate button, nothing happens and I don't get the "colon" indicator that the autopilot is active. When I do an automatic startup with LWin+Home, autopilots are working properly. It must be that I'm missing something during the startup! What? I'm using newest Open Beta v2.5.6.59398.
  5. Bug confirmed on non-Steam version too (MiG-29, F-15...). But, no matter what I have tried, I couldn't produce blackout state on SU-27 at all!?
  6. Light is not at old place (at front panel). I suppose you are looking for it there ? Look at panel near pilots right leg (a bit back). It is there in SU-27/33.
  7. I have reported this issue in FC3 bugs thread after a previous patch, but seems it is not solved. It is not a big problem and does not affect gameplay, but I'm sure its not hard to correct this issue too.
  8. Thank you for your answer ! I have found MIST instructions on this forum, so I'll try to make a mission as you described.
  9. After patch 1.2.4 problem still persists. Any chance to fix it in some of the next patches ?
  10. Probability of presence in mission editor is great option to avoid lineariti in missions, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to add something like "radius of deployment" ? This would make missions more interesting and dynamic, because enemies could spawn then on different positions on each mission start.
  11. I can hear voice-warnings after I eject from the aircraft (SU-27...not sure for the rest)
  12. So...this is working to me to avoid mouse focus problem: 1. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services 2. Find "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager" and stop service 3. You can set Startup type option to Manual or Disabled to avoid this service starting after reboot You wont have Aero effects anymore, but mouse will work properly into sim. Haven't noticed any other effects to my system so far. I hope DCS will solve this problem in next patch.
  13. I was testing this option again... When I put all forces to "No" and fighter planes to "Max" I must generate mission about 10 times to get fighter planes into it, and I can get only F-16C, F/A-18C or MiG-29A fighters. Sometimes mission generator "forget" to include even player aircraft into mission (as it is shown at attached picture) I was testing with SU-27 and F-15 aircrafts. I suppose that mission generator is connected with templates, so do I need to include fighter aircrafts into all templates ? Is it some kind of manual for those mission templates I can find somewhere ? Can I c
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