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  1. Hello, I think it has been solved: in addition to uninstalling DCS interface I had to delete the scripts folder. Is this a problem for the installation of the game that this folder is not there? thanks
  2. hello, I have uninstalled the plugin but the same thing keeps happening, I have even restarted and disconnected stream deck or else the same thing keeps happening, the moment the Tpod is ready to use the program freezes and stops working. I attach a track 4YA_Capture_Bases_Persian_Large_v22A-20201216-222151.trk
  3. here a track same situation, same error Weapons_Training_Freeflight_ca_v1.02.256-20201215-220259.trk
  4. HELLO today the same i send you the track in multiplayer.In Sp the same but i don´t know hown to save a track in sp.the small file size is 5.3mb¿how can i send you the file?
  5. Hello, every time the tpod countdown reaches zero and I am ready to use it, the game freezes and does not work.all days happens the same with the f16 dcs.log-20201212-225409.zip
  6. thanks i will try again the steps you gime .it is very irritating that only happens when i am playing in multiplayer
  7. hello sorry they are attached in the previous post.sorry by my poor english
  8. i have sent you the reports,i have checked the memory with the tool of windows 10 and with memt test 64 and all ok 0 erros evento 1.txt evento 3.txt
  9. hello continually I am having blue screenshots related to disk memory management only when I play this game and only when I play in multiplayer. Every day it happens a couple of times. In the rest of the games there are no problems and in solo campaigns neither ryzen 3900x 64gb ddr4 3600 evga 1080ti msi x570 tomahawk wifi windows 10 64
  10. same issue here, i have tried the solutions and doesn´t work
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