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  1. Just a quick note. While I love the C101 module and consider it to be one of my favorite modules in DCS, I had not tried it in multiplayer because, well, there isn't 'much for the second crewmember to do back there most of the time. Today, however, a friend was asking me about instrument approaches so the natural choice was to demonstrate in the C101. What a fantastic multiplayer experience. Big kudos to the devs for a superior multi-crew simulation. The shared controls feature was totally unexpected and worked extremely well. No need to press a button and wait for the other player to respond to a pop up window to hand over the controls. We just called out, "your plane" or "my plane" and smoothly transitioned. I can't say enough good things about it. Really well done so thank you again AvioDev. -Andu
  2. [original answer deleted The ME is fussy about the order the commands are given in. Make sure the default action is changed to "nothing" otherwise the default action might override whatever instructions you give in the advance waypoint actions.
  3. Does the real Mi-24P have a trim system for the yaw pedals? The "D" variant POH states that force trim exists for the cyclic controls only.
  4. Well, regardless of how it looks to you, that is how they work. You may be over thinking this.
  5. A little late here but as an aircraft mechanic I would answer, "it depends". Some of those pop out breakers have a little lip on the end that you can grab with your fingernails and pull it out. I can't tell from the image if the breakers in the P47 are designed to be pulled out though.
  6. I am not sure what "short" means for you but if I start a mission parked on the ramp, my track files fail before I can pull forward and turn onto a taxiway. My aircraft invariably fails to turn correctly and gets stuck in the grass somewhere. Typically the aircraft undershoots the turn. We are talking five seconds tops before the track ends in a failure. I don't doubt the track files work for you which is why I suspect it is hardware dependent. Assuming the software is the same the hardware is the variable. I understand that you need track files but I can't provide a clean one so no bug reports from me.
  7. in my experience the track is more likely to "fail" the busier the computer is. A fast CPU flying high above the desert and your computer has no problem keeping an accurate record of your control inputs. Flying low over a town with lots of ground objects to render and a less-than-speedy CPU is always going to fail rather quickly. Additionally, the more AI to process the more load on the CPU thus more track recording deviance. So I think the issue is the speed and load on the CPU rather than time per se. Over time, accumulating mis-recorded control inputs will result in ever more deviant player aircraft behavior so time does appear to be a factor but it really isn't. In my case, I have a less-than-fastest CPU and I always start cold and dark surrounded by lots of ground objects so my tracks always become hopelessly corrupted before I can get lined up properly with the runway. Any flight or bug I might encounter after that point will never be recorded so asking me for "tracks" for any bug I notice is just a waste of everyone's time. While I think track files in their current state are a terrible way to "prove" bugs by the general DCS community, I also can't suggest a better way. I will say it is annoying to be repeatedly told to submit track files for bug reports so I just don't report bugs.
  8. I think that historical filter has got every one of us at one point or another
  9. My client F14's are now spawing over the #1 blast shield where you have an AI parked. The first spawn point seems to have moved from their old spawn location over the elevators. Cat #1 and #2 are blocked to AI traffic as long as soon as the first client spawns in.
  10. No. The presets are set up by the mission maker. In the rush to add Hinds to the servers, a lot of them were not set up with usuable presets. I expect most server admins will get it sorted soon. And speaking of presets, the mission editor options show the R-863 as AM only and the R-828 as FM only
  11. Exactly. 100% The Mi-24 is proving to be an awesome module and I am loving it. Trying to learn it without real documentation is ... challenging. In my own experience, 90% of my mishaps are being caused by the trim and fighting the SAS/autopilot and judging by the number of threads and possible bug reports about the controls I don't think I am alone. When I go down I am usually in direct opposition to a SAS input and I just fight the SAS into the ground. An explanation of the trimmer special options, basic function of the trimmer, and what the SAS channels are trying to do in the different modes would be a Godsend.
  12. My track files are corrupted but I can confirm what appears to be a random tail boom failure in straight and level flight. This would be in the single player mode. Airspeed ~300kph Altitude ~ 1000m
  13. Why does people always drop the fuel tank, when real pilots say that it is not allowed unless emergency? Because in DCS, those tanks are free and there is an unlimited number of them available. Like so many things commonly done in DCS, the real world is somewhat different.
  14. Not at all. The C101 has plenty of power to achieve its designed purpose. If you are thinking an F16 is an "airplane" rather than the computer controlled rocket that it really is then I can see why you might be confused. The C101 uses aerodynamics rather than brute force and fancy computers to do its job. "Am i doing something wrong or is this the characteristics of the plane?" Its not characteristic of the plane so... hard to tell without knowing what you are doing. To be fair, the initial rollout is long. It doesn't accelerate very fast. Once at rotation speed it lifts off easily. Keep the nose around 7 degrees above the horizon until it accelerates to 140-160 knots and by then you should be seeing several thousand feet per minute climb. A year after I bought the module I still forget the Manual Power Reserve. I am a bad pilot.
  15. I suspect Wags' next Hind video will answer that question. I would be shocked if the Hind required any throttle adjustments after setting at 100%. I have been known to be wrong though.
  16. Thanks for the tip but yes, I did check to make sure that option was still selected. Last week it just started working the way it should again. <shrug>
  17. An extension adds a ton of control improvement and makes helicopter control much more manageable. I could never fly without an extension again. I have the VKB Gunfighter III but I have the springs in there. You feel it, and its tiring on a long flight when you are pushed forward and hauling butt, but having no spring force and only a stiff dry clutch would feel ... weird... to me. I think an absence of any force feedback would be worse than the cheesy feedback the springs provide. I don't think there is any controller out there in the consumer level we are talking about that can provide "realistic" control feedback.
  18. ...aaaannndddd.... broken again. Some but not all of the axis are affected. Pitch,Roll,Yaw, Thrust seem to be the issue. Brake pedals and zoom axis are fine. Clearing and remapping the the controller makes no difference. Restarting after clearing and remapping the controls did work. While there is a workaround I really don't want to have to clear, remap and restart DCS every time I want to jump into the C101 obvously. I understand there is some great work being done on the multiplayer controls so I would assume this issue is related. None of my other modules have this issue.
  19. For now, I don't do missions that require AI gunners on MP servers. Troop transport only or maybe rockets if I am feeling daring but I am terrible with rockets. Occasionally the AI gunners will fire on infantry who are blanketing me with tracers from a hundred yards away but not usually. I seem to remember a year ago the AI gunners were all expert snipers and would shred any soft target within 500 yards. It felt like cheating to fly low through a mortar battery and watch them wipe out the entire group in one or two passes. I am glad they nerfed that a bit. I think the nerf went a bit too far though.
  20. Deephack and dotChuckles make a strong case for the secret next gen module being the Gripen that I can't dispute. Deephack Live Stream + DCS News 8th May 2021 - YouTube the specifics start at 24:35. I am ready to spend my money so please put up the pre-purchase page. If in the (highly) unlikely event the Gripen is not in Heatblur's cards, feel free to apply my credit card charge to whatever else Heatblur chooses to do since I already know it will be excellent and I want it.
  21. JIGGAwest No physical detents, reduced saturation on both axis (one at a time) at first a little then alot to see what was happening. Nothing changed. The answer for me is what ddwg72 does. I physically set the throttle lever in the cockpit back to where it is supposed to be (and used to be) on spawn in. Around the same time this problem started, I noticed when spawning into the Huey that the collective starts mid position and goes down when I jiggle my throttle which is bound to the collective axis. Makes for an interesting experience when the server has hot spawns and the Huey is taking off the moment you spawn in. For that one I learned to move my throttle up before spawning in (X52 for that one not the Virpil so its not a Virpil issue) and then the moment I spawn in, jam the throttle down so that the first thing the server sees is the "collective" moving down.
  22. Went in today and my bindings are all fixed. Thank you !
  23. It is not a fast jet however it feels fast enough when you are low and looking up at the tops of the trees
  24. I can confirm that. After the update today I cannot set an axis control for pitch, roll, yaw, or thrust. Keyboard inputs only. Both EB and CC models are affected. Whoopsie !
  25. Unless I am very much mistaken, Russian DCS pilots don't have a russian language option for Jester so I feel lucky that I have the option of listening to Petrovich in English. If he has an "accent" who cares? If I drive an hour in my native english speaking country the locals have an accent too. |Everyone has an accent. The HIND module is based on a russian designed, built and fielded helicopter. The software was most likely written by Russians. I imagine a large number russian DCS players will be purchasing the HIND module. Of course Petrovich should be speaking Russian. If the devs go to the trouble of adding a second language option for english speakers I am only going to be grateful. The "accent" should be "over the top" (?!) I can't begin to understand why that makes sense. What exactly is the point of this thread?
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